Saturday, March 31, 2007

I know nothing

The older my kids become, the dumber they think I am. I am now regularly chastised for my simplistic nature and lack of understanding of the world around me. By the time Miss R is 6 and Little Ms R is 4 (both this year) I will have regressed to the intelligence of an amoeba; it will be unlikely that I'll be able to spell amoeba by then let alone write on this blog.

I'll be alright though 'cause Lil' Ms R can turn on the PC, sign-in and launch IE7 and maybe I can dictate to her; I will be a proud Dad once she works out that Firefox is more superior browser and can navigate to anywhere but Nick Jr or Disney......

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dropping by to see Martha

Well it was a windy old day here in Wellington, just the kind of day you are glad you are not flying in a small coffin shaped chunk of metal.....

We were at Te Papa, it being wet and windy. My cellphone rang and a friend, who happens to hold a pilots licence, lets me know that the weather is due to clear up and he'll see me at 2pm at the Wellington Aeroclub. He says it might be a bit rough but she'll be all right...

He was right. It was an interesting take-off, a bumpy ride and a great landing (although every landing when you touch down on the wheels and not in a ball of flame is a good one). We flew over Marthas home town of Petone and waved; not sure if you were in but we waved anyway! There were some boats in the harbour and we got a great view of the South Island but it was hard to hold the camera steady by that point.

I'm trying to post the video from You-Tube but it might defeat me this'll appear below if I can get it working......

Damn, Wellington is a neat city even if it is windy.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bravery Beads

Check out the fund raising website,

Saturday, March 10, 2007

2007 Child Cancer Foundation Appeal

Those who have followed this blog over the years (jeez, doesn't time fly) know that I have an association with the Child Cancer Foundation. The foundation is gearing up for the annual street appeal in a few weeks time (23rd March in Welly) and I have just had a preview of this years Television advertising. Now, you'll probably remember the Lexi dancing commercial of 2005 for its beautiful simplicity, and the Fight the Monster of 2006 for its use of animation and web advertising.

Interestingly, the Fight the Monster was loved or hated and I think this years will be the same but it isn't an easy message to tell and there ain't no niceness about cancer. This years is less fluffy and will punch people in the stomach. Be prepared. It is extremely simple but sends a very powerful message about the journey that a child and their family go through when undergoing treatment. The harsh reality that is cancer treatment is startlingly brutal and unless you happen to be a health professional or have had to sadly deal with this yourself, it is hard to understand just how long a journey it is and just how many needles and tests the poor kids go through.

I haven't been down this journey personally, for which I am so relieved, and I am constantly amazed at the strength of the kids and parents who face down the horror. CCF are there to provide support wherever needed and I am privileged to be able to help even if in only a small way. My life is hectic, busy and crazy and I struggle to balance my own family and my work along with the commitment to CCF but there are some things you cannot ignore. For some it is animals, for some it is poverty; for me it is families and the kids and whilst I am tired, others are in a far worse place.

This years face of the appeal is Sam Turnwald and her story is here.

Look out for me in Lambton Quay on 23rd by Whitcoulls with some of my work collegues and if you're a fan of local community radio, you'll catch me on Access Radio (783AM) at 4:30pm on Tuesday 13th March on Youth Zone being interviewed about the CCF and this years appeal.

I'd be real interested in your view of this years TV advertisements. They kick off on Wednesday and if you hate it or have any comment, please let me know but be prepared, it is pretty intense.

New Template and Life

'bout time I changed my template. Alan's done it, Martha's done it, so I thought I'd best get on board.

Haven't written for a long time owing to "other commitments", oh and a shit load of work. My every waking hour (and some of my sleeping) have been spent trying to keep on top of things whether they be work, house, family, garden, mother, and the general business that is life. I will try and be better into the rest of 2007 but I can't promise. The only constant in my life has been Mojo where I can be found at least once every day.....