Monday, September 18, 2006

Good Samaritan or Dirty Fuckwit

If you remember back to the start of this Blog and its sole highlight the dangers of dealing with building developers and in particular the developer Paul Hewitt and his one time partner Andrew (David) Monro...I have an interesting update for you.

First a recap.
Met Hewitt & Monro courtesy of LJ Hooker. Got fucked by all.
Met Lombard Finance. Got screwed again.
Met Tommy Heptinstall of Tommys Real Estate. White Knight and bloody good bloke and all round hero. Personally helped us out and enabled us to rebuild our future in the lovely house that we now live in. Best Real Estate company in Wellington in our view.

We lost a packet because of LJ Hooker, Hewitt, Monro and Lombard either through stupidity but in absolutely no way related to fraud, greed, lying cheating bastards, bent real estate deal, tax dodge, dubious practises, outright theft, stuff the New Zealand public, let me bend you over and take you for a ride, who's your Daddy?

And here we are today.

We just got a letter from Mr Monro. He has another company. This one is called Nicholson Road Developments Limited. He's had it a while and whilst he is still a director of the company that is in liquidation after our disastrous deal (Beyond the Obvious), he is also a director of this one. He wants to give us some money. Great you think. He wants to repay us back 2 1/2 cents for every dollar that we lost. That works out at $1,950 in exchange for the $78,000 sunk into the house pictured below. Not looking so hot these days, ay? Nice view still though and great indoor outdoor flow.....landscaping is nice, good use of natural grasses I think.

Sepp 06 016

Not a bad deal considering that the original company has absolutely no assets and the liquidators report (kindly reproduced for us by Monro) states that "there are no monies available for unsecured creditors from the company". Whilst not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but why oh why would he do this? He doesn't have to pay anything and it sure as hell ain't because he's a nice guy. So tell me, what does he have to gain by effectively buying the debt of a company in liquidation? Is it:

a) He can't sleep at night owing to guilt and is worried about burning in hell;
b) He's an all round fine fellow and just wants to do the right thing;
c) He's looking for a tax fiddle and this is the only way to get it;
d) He has been having fantasies about me and is looking for my undying love;

What do you think? It makes no sense....


  1. Theory.

    He has joined Destiny Church, and the money he isn't giving to Bishop Tamaki he is giving to nice heterosexual people.

    Theory 2

    He has met a good woman who has made him feel guilty (which is one of the things we do best).

    Theory 3

    He is frightened of seeing you at the dairy because he is moving in nextdoor.

  2. I possibly would be worried by taking this offering you're writing off any chance of future compensation - even if it's a long shot. I would go see a lawyer perhaps...

  3. Hey Martha, what if it's all three! He met a good women next door who took him to Destiny Church.....

    G'day Brena, We have no intention of taking it as the acceptance letter (not very legal) says that we basically hand over the debt and all rights to it. On the positive side, it has reawakened our anger a bit as someone clearly has the money and the land........bastards.

  4. Fascinating! I look forward to the answer when it is revealed.