Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Petrol Head? Nah, I ain't that smart.

I drive an Audi and I like my car. I'm not a petrol head as I know very little about engines but I know what I like. I like reliability and power and I kind of get both from my car. It always starts but I do often get little flashing lights which seem to suck money straight from my bank account. I dread to think how much I have spent over the last 5 years since it arrived in a container from the UK.

It was a car we bought pre-children when we lived in a nice country town in West Sussex and is not very sensible these days having only two seats but I could not part with it. It took part in a daring 3am fog smothered rush to Worthing hospital in the winter of 2001 when Mrs R was in labour and has some fun memories.

These days, it isn't financially viable to sell it as it has depreciated to a level that it will probably sit at for another 10 years or so with little movement. A lot of the problems I've had relate to the salt corrosion from the UK roads even though it only spent one winter there and I suspect that the car dealers secretly love this little UK anomaly. The last bill was for over $2k because once the corrosion sets in, it is hard to stop, nevertheless, it is great fun and makes me smile on my drive to work, all 8 minutes of it....

Anyway, there is a famous love hate relationship between Audi drivers and BMW drivers. Audi drivers believe they are real drivers and like to feel the car on the road and become part of the car; they feel that BMW drivers are simply sitting in the car and moving from A to B. BMW drivers look at Audi drivers as "nearly made it" and "couldn't stretch to a Beemer, huh?". The rivalry was probably ignited further with these ads that I got e-mailed today [cheers Nic G].

First up, the BMW dig at Audi:
Ad 1

And the response from Audi:
Ad 2

Not to be outdone, the bling boys got in with:
Ad 3

And, not sure if this is genuine, a car with real class comes up the rear as it were:
Ad 4



  1. Love the Bentley ad. And when was the last time you waved at a BMW driver - like in a nice way?

    Audi any day :)

  2. Hi Brena, yup, there is only one way to wave to a beemer......
    Hope you and Kylie are both well.

  3. Hiya Mr R. Yes all good thanks - super busy this time of year but been getting out and about on our bikes lots and generally behaving quite well - well mostly...

  4. Nice Car I like It.
    From Vokswagen