Sunday, June 29, 2008

Girl Levitates on Fifth Birthday!

I can't believe she is five already; I read the post from Alan the other week when he talked about his youngest daughter turning five and all that it means. Well it was my turn today when Little Ms R hit five and catapulted herself towards being a grown-up and starting school. She is an explosive child and is turbo charged with energy; they have no idea that the tornado is coming and she will hit the class running tomorrow. Her report from her pre-school stated that life would be quiet without her as she announces her arrival in any room with great gusto.

We had Nigel Kennedy the magician (again!) as he is such a hit with the kids (and Fairy Trina was in the family way with twins last time we saw her) and I think even he was taken aback with the energy of this new birthday girl. In fact, he was so amazed that he managed to levitate her during the show. Amazing; most magicians pull a rabbit out of the hat, but the energy radiated out of my little bundle and she vibrated herself upwards.
Little Miss R Levitates at her Birthday Party!

I'm sad that she is growing up but I know that she will hit life full-on and then some as it is the only way she knows how. Pity the fool the tries to stifle such energy; let's hope the school system can cope with this nuclear kid.


  1. Nice - seems all the best people have newly minted 5-year-olds at the mo' :-)

  2. You are right! Big turning point, eh?!