Thursday, March 17, 2005

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

So here I am. Standing on this patch of dirt on the hill overlooking the beautiful capital city of New Zealand, Wellington. I can see the Interisland Ferry (The Arahura) and the Fast Cattermaran (the Lynx) as they sail serenely between the North and South Islands (see above). I can also see the airport and the 737s that fly overhead on their final approach as well as the edge of the motorway taking people into the centre of town. This is for me I said.

Standing there, surrounded by the sound of Cicadas as they chirp and scream into the warm evening air "this is for me!" I say. I am in the middle of the bush. There are houses around me but well hidden behind native Pohutukawa. I could be a million miles from civilisation and I make a decision that is going to cost me dear. I can still hear the words of the slimy real estate agent "Jeremy" as he drones on about "this would be the view from the garage"..."this is where the front room would be"...and on and on. It was mid March 2002 and my new beginning in this fabulous country is about to be destroyed by the antics of one incompetent property developer, a young and stupid realtor and, towards the end of this sorry saga, a finance company with no compassion or respect for the rights of an individual and his family.

The lost money I can deal with. It is the pain and suffering that I put my family through in this venture that is almost more than I can bear. Our first 2 1/2 years in this country became one long nightmare from that day forward and I have no-one to blame but myself.....If you are thinking of building a home here, you'd be best advised to read on as I tell my story.

The developer was a guy named Paul Hewitt, the agent worked for a realtor called LJ Hooker and the finance company were Lombard Finance. I shall introduce them all in time......

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  1. Nice photos. I await the rest of the saga...