Monday, June 06, 2005

Bloggers of the World

Being English, this pains me but Vive la France. A law teacher in France was a bit pissed at the EU Constitution so he wrote an essay and set-up a Blog giving his reasons for voting "Non". He was getting 25,000 hits a day, wow, that'd be about $3.54 from Google!

The BBC story is here.
This is one peachy paragraph that made me chuckle:
"And just as the media and political establishment in the US found during last year's presidential election, European elites have now felt the sting of these online upstarts, the bloggers."


  1. " Being English, this pains me but Vive la France ..."
    Oh don't be so obvious :-)

    You off to see Al "Pub Landlord" Murray?

  2. It was a bit transparent wasn't it! Actually, it is only Parisians that give me the shits, the rest of France are bloody nice. We had some damn good times in the south.

  3. Unlikely to get time to see Al. Can you Blog the good bits?!?