Friday, June 24, 2005

TGI Friday.

Man, what a week. I very rarely get disturbed by work but, shit, what a week.

Work, to me, is a means to an end and I enjoy the people around me and everything else usually falls into place. This week was a bit tough though, so I am now going to finish a bottle of wine, and do nothing all weekend except enjoy my kids company, watch the rugby, spend some time with Mrs R and plan a little break to Ohakune. Ms R would like to see snow and build a snowman and little Miss R will just giggle at it all. I would like to explore the tracks and stuff so we are going to find a nice motel and take a few days to chill. End of July sounds about right so that is only about 20 working days or so. I shall begin crossing off days on my calendar on Monday.

Any recommendations gratefully received. Never been up there but hear it is magic.


  1. Plenty of nice places to stay there. In fact, we're considering a looksee for the first time in a few years soon too.

    heard about a place with labradors & we're even wondering if we'll be able to take our pooch along.

  2. Ohakune is an awesome place - have spent many many days there... though I have never been a skiier (bung knees). I have been blessed with a mate who owns a ski lodge there (known as Cloanden)... which means many mates nights at mate rates!

  3. A picture next to the big carrot is a must - plus there is glow worm caves, walks, mountain bike paths, and many waterfalls.

  4. llew: Do dogs like snow? Must be cold on the feet!

    sam-boy: big carrot? Have you been holding you breath again?