Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Well this is weird

I am at a loss for what to do. Mrs R is out at a Creche Committee meeting and won't be home 'til late (they are celebrating finally getting resource consent to allow the kids to go outside after two years) and I have put both kids to bed (teeth brushed and faces washed) and they are fast asleep....and it is only 8pm.

I am tempted to sit in front of the TV and vege. I have the box set of Series One of
Blakes Seven. 13 episodes over 5 DVDs and all as fresh as the day they were made. I used to love this programme (5th most popular cult show apparently) and it will be kind of weird to watch it after so many years. I had the hots for the hardcase Servalan and the erotic goody-goody Jenna (her of the Bee Gees style clothing and hair) and used to want the namby pamby Vila to get shot or at least maimed. Cynical Avon was a legend at my school and was far cooler than Blake. Sadly David Jackson, who played Gan, died last month aged 71.

Gonna cook up some popcorn, get a cold beer put on a silver spandex suit and get down to some serious Liberator action....might forget the suit in case Mrs R comes home unexpectedly..... she might mistake me for Mork from Dork.....


  1. I can't remember the last time I tried popcorn... and I have never heard of the Blakes Seven Series.

    Enjoy having nothing to do, Though I find i'd rather be busy than have hardly anything to do.

  2. Oh, Pinky. Sadly I am sure that you would not enjoy Blakes Seven. This modern age of computer graphics really dates these shows but they were great in their is amazing how quickly actual techonology overtook the imaginations of the script writers...their version of a portable computer was about the size of a filing cabinet!
    I don't expect to get another night like it for at least 6 months. Always something to do when you have two girls to clean up after!

  3. Oh my goodness! I thought the bit about being allowed outside was a witty aside, (or inside, baboom) and it's REAL.

  4. It was a real battle, not helped by the red tape of the Council and their little team of fun killers.

  5. The Blake's 7 series is great. I have the first two seasons. There were four made all together. I wonder when the rest of the series will be put out on DVD.

    Blake's 7 is a definte classic.

  6. Didn't know the second season was available, thanks. Looks like next weekend is now sorted.