Saturday, August 13, 2005

You're Beautiful

It's been a day of discoveries for the Reasonable Clan today.

Discovery Number One was finding out that little Ms R has absolutely no fear whatsoever. I took her to her first Tumble Tots class at the Nairnville Recreation Centre and boy can she climb, and climb, and climb....

Discovery Number Two was taking Ms R to the Dinosaur Sand Pit at Te Papa to dig for bones. I planted a small wooden box with some chocolates and a few dollars in it whilst she wasn't looking and, low and behold, she found some buried treasure. [Mrs R is a tad pissed at this stunt as she will expect it every time but, well, it was worth it to see her face].

Discovery Number Three was finding out that Mrs R is actually looking forward to my mother moving to New Zealand in September bringing free baby sitting and, hopefully, some free time to do things on our own. I was set for war and Grandma R is "challenging" after a few days, let alone forever.

Discovery Number Four is the best. I heard a song a few weeks ago and thought it was simply stunning. I promptly forgot the name of the singer until perusing my old vinyl record collection this afternoon and picking up the 12" extended version of Never Never by
The Assembly, a song so stirring that it instantly takes me back to 1983 and laying on my bed dreaming of a girl called Sandra Mace, my first real bona fida girlfriend.

Fergal Sharkey was the vocalist with Vincent Clark on keyboards; Clarke was an amazing musician and I followed his career through Depeche Mode, into Yazoo with the incredible Alison Moyet, and on into
Erasure with Andy Bell. I remember when I first heard this new track I thought of Fergal and how distinctive his voice was and how distinctive this new guy was too. And then a little door opened in my head and the name James Blunt popped out.

Now he is a new artist so I reserve judgement on his absolute ability but I predict he will be huge. A sad song yet....well, watch the video for yourself
here. I'd be curious to know what you all think. One hit wonder or rock star in the making?


  1. My dumb computer is being stinky, so I'm too frightened to check your links... it crashes at the merest sniff of anything good.

    I did read on popbitch that they're predicting James Blunt will be huge. I will endeavour to have a listen.

  2. I was going to say "time to buy a new one" but I see from your last post that you've been bewitched by the iBook. Nice.

    Who/What is Popbitch?

  3. It is a gossipy newsletter thing that gets emailed every couple of weeks. It has some quite funny links, and stuff about filthy English soap and football stars. to sign up.

  4. Rock star.
    He's already huge in UK.

  5. Must have hit the charts real quick. Raw talent.

  6. Hmm, seen him now and not really that into it. I reckon Greg Johnson or David Grey have got that corner of the market stitched up. Although Blunt was in the army in Kosovo, which is kind of interesting.