Thursday, May 04, 2006


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4th May 2006
Here I am at Fresco....

Fresco is on Lambton Quay, above The Body Shop. There are a lot of tables and despite the time, it is easy to find a place to sit. Some of the tables are these small round metal numbers which are wobbly, but if you're early there are plenty of decent wooden tables over by the window. I am perched above the escalator and it offers an interesting perspective.

The place is very busy but not too noisy - the big open area in this atrium absorbs a lot of sound and I could have a deep and meaningful conversation with someone if i wasn't all alone! Billy no mates me...

My coffee arrives in 7 minutes 34 seconds - not bad given the time. It is a beaut. Well made and with a bit of art or at least an attempt at a pattern. First taste confirms that it is fresh and well made. I also ordered a panini and it is well presented and tasty. Total cost was $11.00 and it is good value with a bit of dressing with the food.

The connection to CafeNet is quite fast and makes for easy surfing. The artwork is good but a bit boring. I guess you just have to get lucky when you visit. Today has a fruit theme which does not interest me in the least. I'd much rather see boobies or at least something a bit more interesting.

Overall, the coffee rates as a 8 1\2. I notice that the toys that used to live in the corner are gone and I understand that they are not coming back. Pity as they used to keep the kids amused whilst Mrs R and I ate lunch.


  1. Your commitment to this project is both admirable and slightly concerning. May the beans be with you ;-)

  2. ah, the power of the beans. An addict I am not......

  3. That is a very nice-looking latte though.

  4. It was nicely built!
    Hey Brena, hope you and Kylie are both well. I miss your Fruity ways.

  5. Yep all good thanks! Docs have pretty much said Kylie is a winner (which I knew already ;-)) and she's pretty much officially cured now - WOOT! Kinda real busy and not too much to say lately but still here...