Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Did she really say that?

My girls got a giggle today from being in The Dominion Post. Something for Miss R to talk about in "News Day" so I am now called a "very special Daddy" which will last until I fall out of favour the next time I ask her to clean up/go to bed/clean her teeth/do anything that involves physical movement.

It has been a week for interesting comments from the two little Reasonables.

In at number 3:
After a conversation with our very friendly neighbour as Mrs R walked away, in loud voice - "Why did we talk to the silly man, Mummy?".

Followed by:
In the supermarket buying milk, again in a loud voice - "I know where milk comes from." Me, pleased with her intellect, "Do you?". " Yes, the farmer puts on a glove and gives the cow a squeeze and milk comes out of its bottom."

An my favourite:
To Grandma - "Look at my nipples, they're as big as door knockers".

Earth, swallow me up.


  1. ohmigod, how cute!

    The picture. The comments just make me nervous for when they start coming out of my children's mouths.

  2. Mind you, they were confused why the man holding the card was not me!

    I'm sure there are plenty more comments to come as the little buggers grow up.....

  3. Great stuff! Can you get me one of those cards with a big fat credit limit?

  4. Hey Nick, if I could, I'd have one myself!