Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lilongwe Area 12

Area 12
Originally uploaded by Mr Reasonable.

No matter how amazing you think Google Earth is, it still blows my mind how they have done it. The whole freakin' planet, damn. In the last couple of weeks they've upped the resolution on Wellington and they have also done the same for Lilongwe.

I was looking for my old house in Area 12 of that fine country a few weeks back and I reckon Sergey and Larry must have read my blog to see my quest and suddenly Lilongwe is in glorious high res. Now all I need is a ground shot. From above it looks like the grounds have gone a bit wild and the drive is a bit of a mess but I can see the bare land where I played football and the church where we would walk to at the end of the road and the houses of our friends who will have also long departed. Here's hoping that Mangaliso can help me out with the picture.

I now need to hunt down the two house in Nairobi which is a harder task owing to its size and fainter memories.....

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