Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Ghost Ship

The for in the harbour

Wellington has damn interesting weather. If is ain't blowin' a gale, it can be as still as a grave; there doesn't appear to be anything in between. Yesterday was 1st July and Wellington was shrouded in a mysterious fog. Steven King himself couldn't have painted a more spooky day on the harbour. Driving around the 'burbs went from spectacular sunshine with people enjoying the day on their decks to dense cloud cover and the distant moan of fog horns on the harbour.


During the afternoon, a large container ship came into port and very slowly made its way to the dockside. The sun was shining brilliantly by then and you can see the beach over at Oriental Parade and the Fishermans Table Restaurant; what you can't see are the two tugboats that were helping the ship to berth. Must have been real spooky out there.

Can you see me yet?

What an interesting place to live; I could happily have sit and watched this all day but time was running out. Little Miss R's 3rd Birthday Party was due to kick of at 10:30am on Sunday and there was sooo much still to do.........


  1. Great photos - you should add them to the Wellington Group on Flickr.

    And when did you get the EOS 300D?

  2. Done!
    Like most things I buy, the EOS300D was bought before the day before there was a sale somewhere I am sure! It has to be more than 2 years ago now, could possibly be 3 even. How did you know it was a 300D? You been peaking in my windows again?

  3. No - Flickr always extracts the camera model from the EXIF data attached to the photo.

  4. Yeh yeah, a rustling in the bushes, faint smell of burning Mac circuit boards.....