Sunday, May 13, 2007

Most Scenic Playground in the World

We went to the playground today but not the usual place where we go over at Nairnville. This time Mrs R suggested the park just down the road that was recently cleaned up. I'd never been there and had no idea what a treat it would be on such a beautiful Wellington day.

I'm fairly sure that this has to be the most scenic playground in the world. The kids ignored the view but the bench pictured below is perfectly positioned to watch the harbour. You could even enjoy the view as you bounce up and down on the see-saw.

May 07 052
May 07 060

Being a nervous parent, we kept the ball games away from the rather unsettling cliff edge; not sure whether it is too smart to build a playground on top of a cliff and not put up a barrier of sorts but the views sure are great.....


  1. The lack of a fence is a sort of tough-love approach to teaching small children about cliffs.

  2. I can see it now.
    "Well I did warn you"

  3. Mate - can ya email me for the Joost malarkey (