Sunday, June 10, 2007

Recipe for Disaster

An easy recipe to follow. Simply leave two 5 year olds alone in a tidy room with a ball of wool or two. Mix and leave for an hour and return after ominous silence. And voila, this is what you get:

There is audio on the clip, it is just that I can't speak and end up staring out the window wishing I was at the airport.....I didn't even dare to turn the television off in case I got trapped and was found hanged three days later with the cats nibbling my extremities.....


  1. Look at the view from the playroom! Could we please move it? We don't mind living like spiders. Plus the Playhouse Disney soundtrack sounds exactly like our house...

  2. Come on over but be aware I have big spider traps given my previous experiences.....Disney is like piped music in this house. It is only when it is not on and quiet that you even knew it was there in the first place.