Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fairy Trina does it again

Jeez, my posts are getting a bit infrequent. I've been up to my ears in it recently and the birthday party for Little Miss R was a few weeks back and I've only just sat down to write about it. We had Fairy Trina last year for Miss R's 5th Birthday and Little Miss R wanted her for her 4th. She delivered a great show again and kept the many many little fairies entertained with her stories and face painting. Worth every penny and cute too; not sure if its appropriate for a Dad to think about those things where fairies are concerned but I believe I share the fantasy with this person.

Fairy Trina face painting

It was a great party and only reminds me that the kids are growing up so fast, an issue shared with Martha. They both seem so sophisticated and just know so damn much about the world it scares me. I am getting increasing "Oh Dad! Everyone knows that...." type comments.

Fairy Trina and the fairies

I've not only been busy with the kids and work but recent developments at the Capital & Coast District Health Board for my night job with the Child Cancer Foundation. Watch the news tonight and you'll see what is going on and why Wellington has a rather worrying situation on its hands.


  1. I thought that was you on the radio this morning. Mind you, all I heard was the announcer saying your last name, followed by "...of the Child Cancer Foundation...".

    Must check out the news.

  2. It was; 6 o'clock news too, both TV One and Three News. Superstar, me. Just trying to keep the authorities honest....

  3. I think Mr SunnyO also has impure thoughts about Fairy Trina. Your girls look lovely, thankfully boys quite like Fairy Trina too ;-)

  4. Is that so? It is purely professional you understand....I admire her, errrrr, art.