Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wellington Invaded and under Martial Law

I was up early this Sunday morning (as I was going into work...grrrrr) and as I wandered into the kitchen I noticed the invasion force coming into the harbour.

Warships over Wellington

Yikes, were we being taken over. Had Helen C offended some far off country who had decided to take on the Queen Beehive in her home patch. Had Winston provoked some other minority and their naval might was sent to dispatch him.....maybe it was Benson-Pope (although I notice his Wikipedia entry is now out of date) calling in a favour from a foreign dictator he had given employment advice to....or maybe Warren Buffet come to collect his profits in betting against the Reserve Bank and their foray into currency trading? Or something else? Comments welcome........


  1. Was there a third one as well? The harbour was pretty busy today...

  2. Ahhh, yes, there are three: (2Mb PDF) see here

  3. Didn't see the third but it might have already docked. Thanks for the info, would be worth going to the open day and concert. Cheers.