Monday, October 22, 2007


"Where are we going?", asked Little Miss R.
"To visit a shop", I said.
"Will there be toys?", she squeaked.
"Probably", I cautiously added.
"Yay, I'll get my pocket money".....

"What's the shop called?", I heard from the back seat.
"I think it's Babylicious or Wanda Harland".
"Baby Delicious?"
"Yuh, that'll do".

We parked and wondered the wrong way down Jackson street for a while, my sad old memory ain't what it used to be and I had convinced Mrs R that this time I was right. Oops.

We jumped back into the car and Mrs R shouted "Wanda Harland", as we headed past number 148 Jackson Street, the new home of Babylicious goodies and other delights.

We met Glen on the new till, and the girls were unusually quiet. There was no fighting, biting and I suspect that this was as Little Miss R had set her eyes on a Sock Monkey and was working on her timing. She knew I'd at some point say something stupid like "see anything you like?". I was gently guided to the Sock Monkeys and those big brown eyes worked their stuff. She chose a little yellow duck for Mini Miss R (duck mad) and we got some t-shirts for some friends who have just begun the journey that is parenthood, and a small knitted mouse for Gizmo, our insane cat.

As we were leaving, we met the (now) famous Martha Craig and young Malo. It is always weird to meet people that you think you've met as you know so much about them yet have never actually been in the same room. This is my fourth actual "real life" meeting with someone who I only know from stalking them online! My "first" was Alan (but he sat next to me so that doesn't count), followed by Mike and only last week, Llew (it's true, he is just like Viggo Mortenson) and now Martha.

Anyway, it was a beaut of a day and we're now home with our great purchases taking pride of place in the girls bedrooms and some wrapping to be done. I should have grabbed a business card or flyer to put with the t-shirt gifts but I've a sneaky suspicion that I'll be back at Wanda Harland for more great stuff very soon.....such a neat shop and oodles to buy. Bloody great, if you can find a spot for the Francis Francis, I'll be back next weekend.

Sock Monkey


  1. I thought we'd promised to keep our weekend away in Taihape a secret ... traitor! [flounces away in a huff]

  2. Methinks that tight red costume from the party the other week is still in your wardrobe!

  3. wow you've met all of my online faves...i'm so jealous!!

  4. It was hard getting past their security but I dressed as a groupie and had free caffeine, the drug of choice....