Sunday, November 04, 2007

It's in the Genes

Been a bit of a cold and wet day and Little Miss R and I went over to my mothers new place and looked at old photos that are all now neatly boxed up and in albums. I look at both my girls and see a mixture of Mrs R and me in there in varying degrees. Despite being a Kiwi, Mrs R comes from an Italian background and her old family photos have that classic style that is undeniably Italian; slick backed hair, dark suits and moustaches, and that is just the women......

My side are classic English. I found some photos of my Grandmother, Great Grandmother and Great Great Grandmother (from my mothers side) and put one of Miss R against them. I can see an interesting generation thing with my Great Grandmother who has the same shape face and kind eyes as Miss R and is, in my opinion, was a very beautiful lady. It will be interesting to see how Miss R grows up; photos of my mother at this age have some similarities but my brothers daughter is a dead ringer.

My Great Great Grandmother

My Great Great Grandmother

My Great Grandmother
My Great Grandmother

My Grandmother
My Grandmother

My Daughter
My Daughter

In this age we store all our photos electronically but there is nothing like going through old boxes and seeing history and smelling it with the musty odour of old pictures. It is kind of sad that my kids will never look through old cardboard boxes at photos but will flick though hundreds of images in seconds on a screen. I hope the old photos survive another few generations for them so they can be amazed at the people from long ago who undoubtedly dressed in their best clothes for a once a year picture.


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