Monday, February 11, 2008

Seatoun Light Show

Wow, Seatoun is getting a light show extravaganza! Just sitting here watching a couple of planes racing the storm in and the lightning is incredible, just like fireworks. Wasn't quick enough on my camera but I got some video footage that I'll stick on YouTube shortly once I've edited out the oohs and ahhs and general mayhem that is my house. [Found an old Alphaville Track to stick over it to cover over the screams and cat meowing!]

There is a serious storm building out in the Cook Straight but it is remarkably calm outside, with not a breath of wind. Sky Weather gives a feel for what is close by but it does seem to have completely bypassed us so far.
Wellington Storm 11th Feb 2008
Glad I'm not flying through this one. The little dot that comes right through the middle of the storm is probably the 8pm from Auckland. I took 15 minutes of footage and squezed it down to 3ish; lots of flashes in that time!

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