Sunday, February 10, 2008

Not a Native Bird methinks

I was in Auckland on Saturday. I spoke to Mrs R on the phone back in Welly and she said there had been a strange bird on the deck. We often get the odd Tui enjoying the flax and sitting on the deck to have a sing but I'd never seen anything "strange". I asked what kind of strange and she said parrot strange. I said Kea? She said no, Cockatoo. Don't be silly says I. She said, I knew you wouldn't believe me so I took a photo for when you get back. Whatever, thought I.

Bugger. Looks like a Cockatoo to me. Anyone lost one in Khandallah? I'm pretty sure they're not native birds.....

Cockatoo in Khandallah


  1. There are maybe three or four feral cockatoos in the Western Hills - and subject to "removal". The two that were in Otari Bush have "gone" now, although maybe they just moved to Ngaio...?

    Up North, in the Waikato, they're a bit of a pest.

  2. Really?! Not keen on the use of the word "feral" there Alan; conjures up images of dive bombing and sharp claws.