Saturday, April 05, 2008

They Don't Like It Up 'Em

Had a bit of a party this week. First off was the appointment of two new oncologists to Wellingtons Hospital which has been a personal crusade; second up was the announcement that the Children's Hospital would be moving into better premises which will give the kids a much better environment and provide the staff with better working conditions.

And the cherry on the cake?

A bitter sweet victory as a lot of people will lose money but the failure of these utter shits (in my personal opinion) after playing with other peoples money for far too long. May the earth swallow them whole. Sadly, I'm sure they'll have money spirited in cross-company loans to keep them fat and in good wine for a while but hopefully any future enterprises can be shunned when they are exposed as the backers or shareholders. It took a few years, but I knew they'd get it in the end and revenge is a dish best served cold.


  1. Niiice ... like an elephant (supposedly) it's good to remember all!

    Let this be a lesson to all BAD ASS companies - your time will surely come and we will remember you. But not just remember you, we will make sure our memories rate more highly on Google (ie, "the interweb") than your lies ... yes, you fvckers, we're no win control!

  2. "no win" = "now in" ... but with beer fingers, *ahem*

  3. Spot on. Funny how the web will record the history that the people want recorded not the biased and political viewpoints of the writers of yesteryear. Just look at the changes at Wikipedia although history may end up reflecting the views of those with too much time on their hands!