Thursday, May 19, 2005

Do you see what I see?

I hope you enjoyed the 46 minutes and 59 seconds you spent at Whispering Inferno today.
I hope my recollection of the disagreement we had is the same as yours.
Feel free to add your comments. I would be only to happy to change anything if you disagree with it. As I have said throughout this site there are always two sides. If you feel that I have misunderstood or misrepresented you, let me know.

Just so you don't get done over by your lawyers, they only spent 4 minutes and 51 seconds here ( Suggest you check their bill when it arrives......


  1. One other thing, the purpose of this blog was always to try and educate and warn others. We're done. It is over. Hopefully, everyone that needs to know, now knows and is warned. I am now only writing nice things about Welly and its people.

  2. Very reasonable of you, sir.

    But, Mr Reasonable, don't get too carried away with editing actual postings for them - remember, they have the right of reply on every page via means of the comment box. I for one would love to hear their side of the story.

    And I hope they know we (as in the numerous readers of this site) know about them and their activities now.

    We're waiting.

  3. And one other thing - try typing "lombard finance" or similar into any search engine now, and see who comes first.

    Certainly not them, anyway. On this morning it's Whispering Inferno at 8 & 9 (on the first page, in other words!); and Lombard Finance NZ at a rather limp 33.

    I think they need to read this to find out what has just happened to them and their friends.

  4. Thanks alan.
    I would be delighted to have them respond on this site, but I expect that they will do so through their lawyers. It is most unlikely that they will, even now, be able to admit that they should have taken the ethical position and not the legal one. I will publish everything they send me and allow all of New Zealand to make up their own minds.

  5. I salute the whole Family R.
    Awesome work and well done for not letting it lie (as Vic would say). You deserve the cheque from Tommy and it's pretty awesome you're gonna pass it on - just goes to prove how cool you guys are.

  6. Thanks MmM. We are still a bit stunned to be honest that he would do such a thing. A straight up guy dang good guy. We hope to be in a similar position someday to do the same for someone else. That would feel good and would start the whole thing off again I hope.