Saturday, July 26, 2008

2G iPhone on Version 2.0

Well, I thought I'd better check out all the new cool iPhone stuff on the Apple Store.  Now, this was gonna be a bit of a challenge for me as I'm using a jailbroken 1.14 (2G) iPhone and the only way to get to the store is by upgrading to version 2.0 which will immediately brick my "non-approved, pre-vodafone deal" phone.  Not happy with paying through the nose to Vodafone for a new 3G and getting locked into some ludicrous contract, I set out to upgrade the good old fashioned hackers way.

It is a somewhat nervy process and you're never far from tears as you go through a few steps that basically brick your phone and then reopen it.  It took me about an hour all up and now I have version 2.0 nicely installed and all applications working. I've even bought my first application at the Apple store.

To be honest, it took a bit of effort to get everything back up and running and you'll need to have SSH installed (and WinSCP if you're a PC user like me) to be able to get into some local folders to tweak stuff.  I'm missing some of the really neat applications that the dev community put out on the 1.14 but I installed the Cydia installer as part of my custom built v2.0 and it is only a matter of time before they are ported I'm sure. 

I've noticed that a lot of the stuff that was free and well refined for jailbroken 1.14's is now in the Apple Store.  I think that the iPhone versions up to 1.14 were nothing but a giant global beta test of how people would use the device and where Apple should concentrate........all the good stuff is worth paying for and I'm happy to shell out some dollars for a good ebook reader and RPN calculator.


  1. You know the new 2.0 calculator bundled with the has a landscape view with scientific functions? I guess it's not RPN, but it's still pretty cool. And I've gotten myself addicted to trism. It's a great buy. :-)

  2. I didn't, tar! I actually struggle to use a normal calculator after the years of entering stuff with RPN; think mt brain wiring is messed up or something.
    Trism is good. I'm trying to find a book reader as good as eBooks i.e. where I can just dump files from my own library. Did you find one?

  3. Bought iPhone BookShelf which works a treat; nice interface and easy to move books around.