Sunday, November 06, 2005

My kingdom for a chair...

Found it! At last, after much searching I have found the perfect chair. There were a few false starts, and a lot of polite "no thanks" as many different sales people tried to steer me into their idea of the perfect chair, but today, Eureka.

A work colleague suggest 5thAvenue but I looked on-line and couldn't see anything that did it for me. Nonetheless, she is famous for her ability to shop and pick style (ask alan, who was introduced to this by the same person) and so I ventured in and there it was.

There are many things you want from a chair. Comfort is of course one, but you don't want to sacrifice style for the sake of softness. The trick is finding both - I sat in many chairs that looked great but just didn't cut it in the butt hugging stakes. I tried loungers, big armchairs, sofas, strange hybrid chair bed things, but nothing had captivated me. Yet here in front of me was a range of stunning looking loungers but the big question was would they be as comfortable as they looked?

I tried the first one. Nice.

I tried the second one. Oooh baby.

I tried the third one. Hallelujah, I heard angels as my butt was hugged by quality leather (not something that happens everyday.....) The Stressless range from Ekornes - those clever Norwegians - the Mayfair or Dream chairs, nice.

The downside? A price tag of over $3,500.....Still you only live once and so my Trademe account is about to pop its cherry. Roll-up roll-up, one kidney for sale, hardly used.....


  1. You should have a look at Kadima out at Seaview - locally made *and* designed...

    Very, very good stuff, and a full made to order type service.

  2. Plan to head out there next weekend. No matter how hard I try, I can't justify this cost for a chair. If it had an engine or built in Jacuzzi, maybe, but no it is just a chair.

  3. So when you've finally found a chair you actually like the price tag turns out to be a tad pricey...What's the most you'd pair just for one chair?

    What's wrong with going with the "Oooh Baby" chair rather than the "Hallelujah, I heard angels" one?

  4. Perhaps you could get one of these hand made custom jobbies Alan mentions and upgrade to an inbuilt PSP and coffee machine!

  5. Hi Reshma, I can't settle for the "Oooh Baby" as I would always wish I'd gone for the best one. Sadly I cannot compromise and would rather have neither than second best.

    Hey Brena: Now you are talking - might have to sell one kidney and a testicle for that set-up!

  6. What you really need is your own nu-post-baby-shape britney chair which sings "oh baby baby" while vibrating gently until you "opps I did it again"

    They save them for the special ones...

  7. That's what I call A Chair!

    heh. Reminds me of the Simpsons where Homer goes into a 2001 A Space Oddyssey like trance on a vibrating chair that looked very similar to this one...

  8. brena: Best I keep that testicle then! Maybe I could sell one of the kids on Trademe for a chair like that.....hmmmmmm

    llew: Wanna goes halfs on the chair? Bags first go...

  9. Cripes, I thought you'd forked over the $3500. For that much money you could have shares in a Bambino.

  10. ....but I so want it. I am prepared to cut my Christmas list down....bye PSP, bye iPod video, bye Palm Lifedrive, bye Kylie actually, I can't live without the calendar....