Sunday, November 13, 2005

What is it about feet?

Ever since I posted that piece about Hooters coming to New Zealand, my web stats have gone crazy. I am constantly amazed by the things that people are looking for. Most of the searches are for "Hooters Outfits", but a close second is "Hooters Pantyhose". Weird, here are the rest of the top searches, in order:

hooters girls' feet - They must be very special tootsies
hooters girl feet - very
hooters girls pantyhose feet - very special
hooters girl pantyhose - tootsies
hooters birthday cake - nipple anyone?
pantyhose for hooters restaurant - would have to be a big pair to fit a whole restaurant

ms. hooters 2005 - Oh, the honour.
hooters employee of the month - You make your Daddy proud, Ricki-Lee. Who's your Daddy?
hooters employee handbook - Ah, a positive hit as the post was called this exact name
rate a hooter girl - why?
hooters, girl of the month march 2005 - Very specific, me thinks it was she that was searching

guys in hooters outfits - Ewww, don't try this at home kids
girls of hooters, showing pantyhose - OooKkkay.

do hooters girls take test - My favourite.

Some people are very specific in what they are after. I present the "I've just gotta know" list:

ballet tights slippers sex, how - what size slippers?
how many people work in the car salesman field - None of them, boom boom
silver spandex kylie minogue - Grrrrrr, yummy
pantyhose sex business - Is there one? Wow.
butt bunnies - Watership Down?
how to get your wife to wear pantyhose - Try asking, pal.
what makes a sewage smell come out of your drains - I believe, and I could be wrong but stay with me, that it is the sewage, down your drains
daisy dukes with pantyhose - Good idea, might try this one myself
sex sells defense - Really?

I expect this list will only add fuel to the fire!


  1. Good work. Nice to attract the pervs.

    Most of my hits from searches are for sexy feets (asia/middle east), or the Wiggles (US/Canada). There are a lot of hot mamas out there wanting pics of the Wiggles. If I was clever and knew how to use photo software I'd manufacture some naked Wiggle pictures.

  2. >what makes a sewage smell come out of your drains - I believe,
    >and I could be wrong but stay with me, that it is the sewage, down your drains

    Ha! very good :-)


  3. Good idea Martha, Wiggles with their wiggles. I can hear the lawyers already....Have you booked Hi-5 yet? Yummy, my Charlie is back in Welly.

    Thanks Ben, the web is full of useful(less) information!

  4. I for one welcome our new Hooters overlords!

    Yeah I've been reading slashdot again...

  5. Urgh, Charlie just is NOT HOT.

    I haven't booked it, but perhaps I may. Are the Reasonables going?

  6. Yes we are, the whole clan in fact. It is free seating on the ground floor so be early! I'll be at the front.....