Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oooh, Ahhhhhh

November 2005 125
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What a great night we had. The main fireworks were great but what made it for us was the hundreds of mini-displays all over the waterfront from Te Papa right around to the point. The whole of Mount Vic was ablaze and it was impossible to know where the next barrage was going to be.

The highlight of the night? It has to be the dozens of boats that raced across the calm waters of the harbour once everything was over. It was full dark again and all that you could see were the navigation lights as they powered their way from Welly across to Eastbourne or Petone.


  1. Doesn't really surprise me that Mount Vic was on fire!
    I don't think people should be allowed to buy fireworks at 15 - Some peoples behaviour was shocking.

  2. We stood on our decking and passed back and forth the sparkler we picked up at the Basin Reserve. It was both exciting and sad for all 15 glowing letters...

  3. I agree Pinky - some people are crazy.

    Poor Brena; did you "ooh, ahhhh" though?

  4. Oh yeah we ohhed, ahhhhed then talked like a friggin pirate me heartie. Arrrgh ol sea dog where's me friggin treasure map - best me damn parrot be gettin scurvy arrr...