Sunday, December 04, 2005

Merry Berry

November 2005 057
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Mrs R and I have murdered many plants over the years. Whenever we moved house, someone would usually give us a plant as a new home present. After a few such moves, we arranged for a priest to be available to administer the last rights whenever anyone handed over a poor innocent shrub. We took some relief in the fact that they usually died a quick death; they didn't suffer the weeks of just hanging on in dry soil to then be drowned. They just gave up on entry to the kitchen window sill where so many had gone before then.

This has all changed now. I am at one with nature as I have a garden with veggies in it. This has been topped off by having a planter with some Strawberries ripening. Up until last week there were some lovely juicy red ones, just waiting to be picked. Alas they are gone, a very brave Blackbird had a feast and they were rather nice I assume from looking at the evidence.
I now have a net, but the little fella just wanders up to it and pecks through the holes. His bravery is witnessed by our two cats who can oversee the entire operation and offer advice from their comfy spot in the sun on the roof. It would take a small explosion to move them and they probably enjoy the live entertainment of me running across the room to shout and flap my arms about to scare the little bugger away.

There are plenty more berries just ripening so I need to find a solution. Any ideas?


  1. That's what I thought but it might be a bit traumatic for the kids! I have visions of a wounded bird flapping around on the deck with blood pouring from its head and the kids screaming "murderer"......

  2. A scarecrow - fun for you and the kids to make!

  3. Hiya!!! :-D I'm in such a good mood today for no reason at all!! - A tad hyper-active.....Very Odd for a person like me.

    Strawberries are delicious especially with ice cream - To die for!!

    Haha - Now this i'd like to see, " running across the room to shout and flap my arms about to scare the little bugger away" - Priceless!

  4. G'day Pinky - missed ya! We're expecting a whole load to ripen next week so lots of cream in the fridge!

  5. This has nothing at all to do with birds.

    I just saw these on trademe, and thought of you

  6. oh, and if you don't like the colour I can highly recommend European leather care.

    And if you don't like the chairs, no worries mate.

  7. Oooohh, like very much. Bid is in and closes tomorrow evening. They are mine, all mine.
    Thank you!

  8. Tis a good thing I'm not your neighbor... when I was little, I use to steal the strawberries from the neighbors wonderful fruit garden. They also had a raspberry bush, a black berry bush and grapevines. Though I often got caught after pillaging the berry bushes… stained fingers an all… but it was soOo worth it. *wink*

    Good gardening to you!

  9. Hey Robin! Honored to have you here; big admirer of your work.
    My strawberries are your strawberries!

    martha: Bollox - owing to working stupid hours got home too late to catch the end of the bid on Trademe and someone else went nuts in the last minutes of the auction - I am seriously unhappy and may never recover....maybe I'll fire up the machine and make a espresso - always makes me feel better...

  10. I wondered, and almost put a bid in suspecting you might have been embroiled in work or children. Ah well, these things happen for a reason.

  11. Still v.sad. Thanks for the tip-off - I feel I've let you down oh great TradeMe Queen! I'll keep looking....I'm going on a chair hunt, I'm gonna get a big one, what a beautiful day, I'm not scared.....

  12. Well I'm happy to stay on the mission. There'll be other chairs.

    Did you sit on those massage chairs at Harvey Norman? They were so very very nice. Ugly as sin, but oooooh.

  13. They were Thai Massage chairs so I got naked, covered myself in oil and had a rare old time...until the police arrived anyway. Lucky for me, I was a slippery criminal by then and got away.....