Thursday, December 01, 2005

Shave Your Lid for a Kid

Today was a fabulous day in Wellington. The sun was out and many, many people from all over this fine town turned up in Midland Park, next to the excellent coffee house of Astoria. Over 40 people had their bonces shaved by the rather attractive crew from Weltec and all for the Child Cancer Foundation and they stood in line, in the hot sun, patiently waiting their turn to do their bit for the kids and the families of kids suffering from cancer.

First in line was Ron Mark, the NZ First list MP. He doesn't have a lot of hair but his sacred tash is no more. There were many others, both men and women, who came for the chop and all went away shiny headed and proud.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with four really nice blokes who had come along to support the day and two of whom got scalped by their colleagues. They were good natured and relaxed and great fun to chat to. They were Ross Kennedy, John Schwalger, Tamati Ellison and Shannon Paku and they posed with kids, signed autographs and just sat around enjoying the sun. 2006 will be the year of the Hurricanes, no doubt.

2 1/2 hours later and it was all over. The last head was polished, the hair swept up, and scissors put away. I had a great coffee from Astoria and departed full of pride for the cool people of Wellington who had come together to support the community in which they live. Similar events were taking place in Christchurch, Nelson, Auckland and the NZ base in Antarctica. I'm sure they were all fantastic, but I know that Welly put on the greatest show.


  1. Thank you for helping these guys Mr R!

  2. Hi Fruity - where's the site gone? I go away for a few days and you pull the plug?!?

  3. Yeah sorry reason number 97.2 is I DONT MISS IT AT ALL (lies). Reason number 3 is I'm on an ego reduction program where my mind is being subdued so I can become enlightened like Buddha and take over the world with lots of peace love and understanding then eat lots of chocolate but really it's probably more like reason 1 where I have lots to of writing type things to do and by removing the temptation to do blogging I will actually do some real work but now I find I'm writing huge comments of other people's blogs to fill the void that was my online blog life and will probably abandon this silly plan sometime soon and hit the upload button and put all this behind me and resume annoying people with my inane dribble but maybe I will just have more time to play Mario Kart online and further deflate my ego by being beat by little kids on a cyber-racetrack so obviously I have no idea what to do...

  4. Oh. Errr, OK, but don't do too much "real" work - it is not good for you ya know. Stay healthy and Blog. Science has proven that the effort required to write and type out a blog entry is the same as running a marathon or swimming across to the South Island.....or something like that.