Friday, December 30, 2005

Santa sure has a big Sack...

Miss R in mid air
Originally uploaded by Mr Reasonable.

Damn it is nice to get something right and full credit, once again, goes to Mrs R. A few months back she suggested we get a trampoline for Christmas for the girls and I nodded and moved on. Little did I know she had this baby in mind and she is a beaut.

It arrived in three boxes and was delivered by two big dudes who had muscles on their muscles. It took some serious work to move the boxes to their hiding place under the house until Christmas Eve. One box in particular was almost impossible to move and we resorted to dragging it down the steps, puny little white guy that I am.

Once the kids were in bed on the night before Christmas, I sneaked down to the workshop under the house and, piece by piece, emptied the contents of the boxes and took them individually up to the garden. I expected this construction to be a bastard to be honest but was pleasantly surprised as not only were there enough bolts to rebuild the F69, there were easy to follow instructions with, get this, clear diagrams and step by step stages which were in order. Big kudos to those clever people at Supertramps who had obviously written the instructions having actually tried to build their own product.

I won’t pretend it was easy as it did require some serious stamina and some strength to put each little carbon rod into each of the several thousand (so it felt) holes. But in the end, every single piece fitted, every part was the right shape and size and went into a hole of the same shape and size. I didn’t even have to get out my hammer, which usually appears whenever I am making anything – just a little stroke with “Old Smacker” gently teases even the most difficult bolt into place! But not this time; the whole thing took less than 1 ½ hrs by which time it was almost full dark. We were tired by triumphant and very excited for the next day.

At about 10:30am after Santa’s pressies had been opened and half destroyed, we announced that there was one more present outside and the kids ran for the back door at a pace. The bruises and scratches (when the instructions say “wear gloves” they do mean it!) were worth it as both girls’ faces lit up and they leapt into the air. Miss R was amazed at the behemoth sitting on the lawn having definitely not been there when she went to bed: “How did it get here, Daddy?”, she asked gobsmacked. I could have told the truth and told of the heroic battle of mind over matter with each little devilish rod but, hey, this is Christmas and that’s all part of the magic. Santa sure has a big sack….


  1. "..whole thing took less than 1 ½ hrs.."

    Thanks really fast!

    Aww That is such a nice prezzi to get your kids! You guys are super cool parents!

  2. That's* - Me and my horrible typing mistakes! Have to remember to proof read any post I make at least 5 times!

  3. Tar Pinky. To be honest, we're enjoying it as much as the kids....when they let us get on it that is! We get about three bounces before the "my turn, my turn" chorus begins. Good for fitness anyway. Lifting the little buggers onto it and off it all day is making me strong!

  4. My kids have a trampoline and they love it... so do their Dad and I! LOL

    Came to you via Ben (the one who runs ;)).

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  5. Thanks Puremood! It is a blast - we have to sneak out when the kids are in bed and stiffle our giggles..
    Happy New Year to You Too.

  6. Yep, very cool trampoline, or jumpoline as Finn calls it (which makes far more sense if you ask me).

  7. Smart lad, jumpoline it is from now on. I'm thinking of holding a death match cage fight at the next birthday party - friendly wagers, $5 minimum, three rounds, no biting (unless biten first) and a special tag contest for siblings....

  8. and later, after the kids are in bed, jelly and tequila wrestling for the oldies.