Sunday, January 15, 2006


Phew, what a hectic couple of weeks. It all stops soon though. One more manic week at work and then off to Nelson for a well earned break.

The important news is I've popped my TradeMe cherry and have a massive 4 stars now. We have bought and sold and, by eck, it is bloody addictive. Mrs R and I have been sitting counting down the end of auctions, pressing refresh and high fiving wins and cursing the losses.

Other news is we are more hooked on Season 2 of Lost than we were on Season 1. I downloaded Episode 1 a few weeks ago and we watched it at 11:30pm one night once we had sat down after a particularly long day. The conversation went something like this:

"Cuppa Tea?"
"Yeah, tar."
"Shall we watch 5 minutes of Lost and then head off to bed?"
"Yup."....45 minutes later.
"Shall I download Episode 2?"....

At the time we were on Telecoms "wanker" plan with only 1Gb of up/downloads. This was used up by 3rd January as sadly when using Bit Torrent, you upload, it seems, about half of what you download. We are now on the 10Gb plan but only for two weeks until we flip Telecom the middle digit and jump over to iHug and a whole 20Gb with no upload counter. Nice. We have just watched Episode 5 and number 6 is torrenting as I type...77.6% complete, yippee, but mighty close to the 10Gb limit.

Other news: It is my birthday in 10 days time and Mrs R and the girls have bought me a rather sexy Dell Axim X51v. It is in a box by the bed and whilst I have held it in my sticky little mits, I haven't plugged it in. Mrs R tells me that as the children have to wait for their presents, so do I. In a moment of weakness she did say that as I wasn't a child any more, I could open it if I wanted but deep down I know that I am a child, so I will wait. It'll be fun watching Lost on it in beautiful 640x480 via an Intel 2700G multimedia accelerator chip - it is nearly as good as the amazing PSP in picture quality. It has a bluetooth (for the cool folding keyboard which is a work of art) and built in wireless for browsing (using Cafe Net) whilst I wait for a coffee at the excellent Espresso Republic.

My plans for Nelson include fishing for Snapper, snorkeling and having breakfast at the bloody marvellous Lambretta Cafe. The kids will be entertained by my lovely in-laws who are bolting down everything as we speak.....down time time with Mrs R will be great. We can snuggle up under the duvet and watch Lost together...I heard that Episode 8 is the best one yet.....


  1. Whoa you have been busy!

    iHug is GREAT! It seems our data usage goes up so slowly not counting uploads compared to blood outta stone Telecom. We're on iHugs Lite plan which is 10gb on peak, 10gb off peak which with no upload count is like the best Telecom plan doubled plus a bit - for the same price thereabouts. We first signed up for the medium plan 20 + 20 but weren't even denting it! This is with a heavily-addicted-to-filesharing-teenager (tm) in the house and ol' captain download the whole web 'ere all going at it.

    Ooooooo your birthday prezzie looks AWESOME!

  2. Yay! I wasn't sure if I needed the 10 or 20Gb plan so tar, you have settled it. It is the upload that sucks with Telecom, oh and the shit service, oh and the price, oh and the unreliable speed (2Mps my arse), oh and the arrogance.....

  3. Oh don't talk about it! I'm green with envy as we are stuck with telstra (although they have been very good). I may just have to increase my plan so the data cap doesn't feel so oppressive.

    Hey, nice to have you back.

  4. I am making it my mission to hit the 10Gb limit on the day I switch!

    Nice to be back too!

  5. Go, Mr Reasonable, Go!

    To help you with your goal, let me remind you that having a 1:1 ratio is considered polite, and if you are able to upload more than you download than that's even better...

  6. Have you seen the addictive "24" and Sopranos?

  7. Well, Alan, I must be real polite as I have 1:2 (or is it 2:1?) on some torrents! Either way, it eats up my allowance real quick.

    Hi Nick, real good to see you here - like your icon pal! I think Alan (above) is on a mission to get a whole series of 24 - I guess in the UK you are way ahead of us in Lost, 24 etc, but we are only a few weeks behind in Coro Street. It's all about what the people want.....yeah right. Thank the Lord for .TOR

  8. Oh I love the show 24!

    Nice to see ya posting again. I have never been into the show called, Lost.

    I'll be in Auckland on your Birthday so here is a early on from me now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! -Have a great day! :)

  9. Oh, by the way, I'm so proud of you with the trademe thing. I could just weep.

  10. Thanks Pinky - have a great trip to AKL and don't talk to any strangers!

    Tar Martha, I owe it all to your inspiration as the great Queen of TradeMe. I have my next sale all lined up....all I need to do now is work out what to waste the money on!

  11. Hey, Mr Reasonable!

    How are you going? Been busy huh?
    LOL - Well I did talk to a few strangers in Auck, but they were nice strangers!


  12. Yes, it is good to see you. Stay away from Trade-me. Just say no.