Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The A to Z of my last two weeks

Ms R, ready to go!
Originally uploaded by Mr Reasonable.

A is for Axim
It was my birthday and I got a cool
Dell Axim X51v - I downloaded Episode 8 of the second series of LOST onto it and it is damn fine (we have just watched Episode 11 and it was a real corker! Bless the Gods of Torrent and those lovely people at iHug for the 2mbps line)

B is for Blog
I have ignored this blog for 2 weeks and feel oddly guilty. This entry should help and I have loaded a pile of photos onto Flickr to those interested enough to click through.

C is for Canoe
Spent lots of time in one on the beautiful Appleby River outside Richmond with the whole family. Massively impressed with the natural affinity with water that Ms R and Little Ms R have - I have no skills at all and swim like a wounded Iguana, however that is.

D is for Driving
The 2 hour stint behind the wheel from Picton to Nelson was made easier by the use of a portable DVD player with two screens which kept the noisy backseat monsters amused.

E is for Eel
If you catch one, don't try and take it off your line as they are revoltingly slimy and will wrap around your arm and make you feel like a Ghostbuster.....

F is for Four by Four
This was needed to access the river for the canoeing. Great fun - we noticed on our second visit that someone else had decided to use the facilities but had got stuck. The rising water was over the bonnet when we got there and over the roof when we left....F is also for f*cked it appears.

G is for Garden
Installed a wizzy irrigation system into our garden so that my poor plants might actually stand a chance this year.

H is for Hell
Definition of Hell: Deck 2, Kaitaki Children’s Play Area. Visit at your peril as every disease known lives down there and a few yet to be named.

I is for Island
Snorkeling around the many bays and islands in the Marlborough Sounds surrounded by seals in water as warm as a bath was a fabulous experience. Picking up Kina to use as bait for Herring was a blast. Do people really eat that snot?

J is for Joy
Catching a big fish and letting it go back along is way is a good feeling. Not as good as sticking a sharp knife into it’s head, pulling out it’s guts and then throwing it onto a BBQ with a bit of lemon mind you.

K is for Kaitaki
A big boat with food at prices to rival Harrods. Don't by the Hot Chocolate unless you enjoy eating with a spoon - if you do, go for it but if you can eat it all, you will have a suger rush akin to four Cokes skulled with a Mars Bar or two to line your stomach.

L is for Lambretta
Still the funkiest café in Nelson. Great coffee and good for kids.

M is for My TradeMe
Wherever you go, you can bid and when you get home it is like Christmas with every parcel like a mini surprise.

N is for Nelson
Damn fine living, if you can afford it.

O is Oasis
A new café by the river in Nelson. Nice food and reasonable coffee that would be tastier I’m sure if the staff smiled a bit.

P is for playground
The Lions Playground at Tahunanui is right on the beach and tires even the most boisterous of kids. Mr Whippy on hand adds to the experience.

Q is for Quiet
There is nothing like the sound of running water and wind without and cars or industrial din. I have mastered the art of filtering out the screaming of small children, an accomplishment that is not recognised as useful by Mrs R.

S is for Sunburn
How easily I forget how harsh the sun in NZ can be. I never ever let the kids out without sun screen on yet continue for forget myself. Not bright or clever.

T is for Treat
Try the
Chateaubriand at Appelmans Restaurant in Richmond for a treat for two. Mrs R and I first had this dish back in 1994 when the restaurant was in Nelson - we had it the night we got engaged and have been back nearly every year. You will never get bored of this dish.

U is for Umbrella
Needed twice. Not a device that can be used in Wellington, so a novelty for us.

V is for Victory
England beat Wales (sorry
Mike) but actually I don't really care as I am now a true AB fan. I will be going for my citizenship this year and will learn to pronounce yoghurt in a strange way and no longer worry when people ask if I have new pants.

W is for Wanker
Paul Hewitt, Failed Developer and arsehole, has had his house sold at a mortgage sale to repay his debts I guess. I feel very sorry for his family but the guy ripped off many people along the way so fuck 'im. I only know this from an anonymous comment posting on an earlier entry so thank you whoever you are and I hope that you were able to recover from whatever losses you suffered at the hands of this jerk.

X is for X-Rated
Beware of sickly white pommy legs on a rare outing into shorts....not for those of a weak disposition.

Z is for Zoo
Not a lot beats Eva Dicksons at the zoo for a pre or post visit snack.

And there you have it. A great 10-days and now I need a holiday.....


  1. Sounds like a great trip! Like the A-Z thing - pleased that all those English lessons with Clint paid off :-)

    We are hoping to go to Alaska this year.

    I can assure you however that not all developers are like Paul Hewitt.

    The archery is going well. Check out http://2012gold.blogspot.com for the latest news.

  2. Going straight back to work after such a holdiay can be difficult!

  3. Cheers Nick - Ah Clint the DiPEd - I remember him well! O' Level English seems a heck of a long time ago now....The quality of mercy in not......damn, never could learn that speech...

    Hi Ben, you ain't wrong. I drank more coffee yesterday than in the entire two weeks away. Got home wired, tired, but not fired, which is always good....

    I seem to have missed off the "R". Oops. Suggestions welcome!

  4. 3 Rs - Remarkable (what it was), Restorative (what it did) and Reality (what you've come back to)?

  5. R - Reasonable

    Hey, tell me what your Dell thing does? I strangely want one, but don't know the slightest bit what it DOES. Is it like a wee laptop? Or more like a phone?

  6. lol Nick! Reality bites! Big time...

    G'day Martha, you'd love it. It is basically a diddy PC with a nice VGA 640x480 res screen so can play films etc. It has the latest version of Windows Mobile so has Excel, Powerpoint, Word etc and has wireless and Bluetooth built in so you can be on-line virtually anywhere in Lambton Quay whilst you have a coffee and typing away on a wireless keyboard. I wrote this blog entry on it! The screen size is a bit tricky but I watched the England v Wales rugby from Twickers this weekend and it is bloody good quality as it has a video accelerator. There is a piccy on my flickr page. I have a pile of music on it too but I have bought a 4Gb CFII card and a 1Gb SD card to fit it all in!
    BTW, Simple Minds are coming to Welly. Nobody else seems to know who they are.......

  7. Don't you forget about me!

    Really? Jim Kerr? Can't believe they're still together.

    I want one of those bloody Dell things now. Bugger. Perhaps I could sell something...

  8. Right on Martha. Mrs R and I are going - takes me back 15-20 years or so. I was amazed that they were still touring/alive/able to sing....I expect it will be very civilised with no dancing in the aisles......

    Thank you Caroline! [humble smile, feeling very proud]

  9. England beat Wales (sorry Mike) - that's fine, they (Wales) played fairly well with 13 top players missing so I'm not that worried.

    I will be going for my citizenship this year - on ya!!

    will learn to pronounce yoghurt in a strange way and no longer worry when people ask if I have new pants. - ha ha ha ha ha, know exactly how you feel. I have taken to educating "them" of course!

  10. Hi Mike,
    The UK press never seem to print that kind of detail about the opposition....it is usually "Mighty England Trample the Best of [insert team here]!" rather than "Mediocre England drift aimlessly to victory over 3rd team, bereft of top class players as they were all having a BBQ at Martin Johnsons house"....

  11. bloody hell mr r. just looking at the ticketek site - $120 a ticket!

  12. I did a double take too....and then I pulled out my secret weapon "still cheaper than Hi-5 and the Wiggles"......when we add in the cost of a baby sitter, it would have been cheaper to have the band round for dinner.....

  13. Might be the last chance...ever.....