Sunday, February 26, 2006


Whilst I have been posting sporadically over the last two months, I have still been reading all the blogs in my "links" list and although I haven't commented, I have been lurking and enjoying your blogs.

It had also been some time since I had been into my StatCounter so I decided to have a peruse this morning. It is a good insight into the search work and I am pleased to announce that the searches for "Hooters Feet" is slipping down the charts but "Hooters Pantyhose" is still firmly in place at #1 by a massive margin. It strikes me that you could dress up a chicken in pantyhose and people (exclusively from the US according to the analysis) would get-off on it.

Disturbing recent searches are:

Very young in pantyhose
- It is the word "very" that lends a creepyness to this search.

Mr Pantyhose
- An unfortunate surname; might I suggest a hyphen?

Pantyhose butt action
- I'm not sure what sort of action a butt would get up to or why it would be more fun in pantyhose.

Pantyhose sex
- Surely they are the ultimate protection.

How to make your sack bigger
- Why? Maybe you have large potatoes I guess....

Pantyhose sex ideas
- Yeah, here's one: Put them over your head for that bank robber fantasy session....

Smells of nylon feet
- How the hell did you ever get to this site when the #1 Google entry is ""?

Remove nipple hair safely
- At least is wasn't remove nipple hair unsafely; for that I would suggest a flymo

Why men love hooters
- If you have to ask, you are clearly a butt man

The Yummy Mummy Handbook
- A best seller I imagine. Hopefully a cookbook....


  1. Um... ??

    I think these people should comment to register their dissappointment (or otherwise) at not finding what they're looking for.

  2. Good point Llew. Maybe I should write a piece on the safe removal of nipple hair; might require some testing but I reackon I'm onto a winner with a slightly modified may be possible for a skilled user to perform other hair removal type functions....I'm thinking of calling the resultant style the "Black & Decker"...

  3. Good grief! I don't get anything half so interesting, or scary...

  4. It was a bit dumb of me to write about it as I will now get twice as many hits and move up that Google table - not sure I want to be #1 for "How to make your sack bigger".....