Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Hot Spot

First up in the taste challenge to find the best mobile coffee in Wellington is Expresso Republic in Featherston Street. I'll be there from 11:45ish on Monday 1st May '06 and will place an order for a Latte and test the result. I'll be posting a photo of the brew as I taste it and writing a review in-situ. If it's good (and I quietly expect it will be having been there many times) I may order lunch and become a mobile lunch critic too.

Feel free to join me; two cups are better than one!


  1. Hi! I run a site called the New Zealand Coffee Review -

    I'd really appreciate it if you could post a copy of your review over there :)

    I've made an entry for the cafe:

  2. Hi Phillip, well I never! It didn't even occur to me that such a site existed. I thought I was so alone with my habit and here I find like minded people! I'll gladly post a copy of the reviews over.

  3. Thanks! So far Wellington is rather under-represented on the site, so I really appreciate your help :-)

  4. OK, 4 more to go! I'll add photos over the week too.