Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

A mobile milestone was reached today. I have successfully taken a picture with a very sexy Casio Ex-Z55, popped the SD card into my Dell Axim X51v, uploaded it to Flickr via my iHug e-mail account, which I logged into via Opera, (GMail wouldn't let me attach files for some reason), then went into Flickr and wrote a blog entry and successfully posted it. Quite a lot of work actually in signing in to the different accounts but a pretty good experience.

So how to test this "in the wild" as it were. Well here is what I propose. I am going to visit a different Wellington Cafe every day next week, order a decent Latte, take a photo of said lovely drinky, upload the photo of the cafe and the coffee, and write a live tasting session of the liquid heaven and the surroundings. I am fully charged with a
CafeNet account and some Telecom Hotspot credits and I'm ready to go. The question is where?

This is a list of all of the CafeNet covered sites.
This is a list of all the Telecom Hotspot covered sites.

I'll start at
Espresso Republic as the benchmark as I know the coffee quality is consistently high. I am going to measure on price, presentation, speed from order to delivery, of course taste, ambiance of the cafe and whether or not I am abused for being a geek typing on a dinky keyboard whilst gargling and gurgling coffee in my mouth. I shall resist the temptation to check the bouquet and spit it out onto the floor....

I'd prefer to stick around Lambton Quay/Willis Street but will travel further if the coffee recommendation is good. So how about it? I have Monday sorted, where to on Tuesday onwards? I will aim to be in each cafe at 11:45am before the lunchtime rush and can hopefully get some comparative serving times! I'll put the name of each venue cafe the evening before I go and feel free to join me! I'll be easy to spot as I'll be swearing at a wee screen and trying to connect to invisible wireless forces, all in the interest of science!


  1. Ooooh! What a fabulous project. I have no idea about coffee downtown these days, but I look forward to your recommendations.

    I don't think you want me and 2 toddlers joining you.

  2. The more the merrier! Come on down but my language may not be suitable for wee ones should the technology stumble and trip....

  3. What a cracking idea and so cool to have the time and space, look forward to the piccies of all of ya!

  4. The incredibly well-informed Tom suggests Rise, on the Terrace.

  5. Hi Mike, there are many ways to create time for good coffee; I have a small book of excuses built up over many years but I am hoping that Alan will cover for me with the old "he's just popped out for a second" or "I think he is in meeting room 5...".

    Alan: Tar, I know of it and will make it my Tuesday visit!

  6. I see both our local Mojo branches are covered too.