Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Come on down

Competition Time

Lets play guess the do dee do do do dee doo. Bloggers everywhere, COME ON DOWN.......

Todays question. You buy a house in 2002 for $580,000. You pay $58,000 up front and a further $20,000 in 2004. Now, I'll give you a hint (and no helping from the audience), house prices went up in 2003 and 2004 but in that time your money has been used to build a frame and put a roof on. You've also paid for design work and have ordered a nice new kitchen.

OK people. What will you bid me? Go on, have a guess. I'll make it easy. The answer is not $502,000. Closest one to the actual bid, and for a bonus point, the actual asking price requested by our lovely sponsors, those generous people from Lombard Finance and their pals Paul and Dave the Developers, wins an all expenses paid trip to The Bahamas.*

*Terms and Conditions apply. The offer of an all expenses paid trip does not include any expenses or indeed a trip of any kind. The reference to The Bahamas is in fact a spelling error that we did not notice until after publication. The correct spelling of this word should have been "My Arse". In fact, if you are declared the winner, the organisers reserve the right to use your toilet at their convenience at any time and after eating any foodstuffs of their choice including such items as vindaloo curry, baked beans, and any type of Kebab. Always read the small print.

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  1. Well a frame is worth a great deal of pinger. Almost a mansion in fact.