Saturday, April 23, 2005

The End is Nigh

We are nearly there. Our story is almost finished. For those of you that have read along and added your kind words of sympathy, thank you.

An interesting thing happened yesterday. miramarmike asked why I was writing this blog, why was I bothering to engage with the faceless corporate and during my reply I found myself defused and some of the rage extinguished. He is right of course. There can be no happy ending for this tale so why bother. It was never about the money (although it would have been nice to have it back as it is damn hard to come by!). It was always about us putting our experience into writing to see if it was as ridiculous in print as it was in real life. Did other people think we got done or were we blinded by our anger and unable to see the other side? Did our anger make us irrational?

Now, Mrs R and I are not dumb. We're both pretty educated. Mrs R thinks I am smarter than her (and I let her 'cause it gives me delusions of adequacy) but she is really the smart one. I am impulsive and she is measured. I always look for the good in people and she is more reluctant to give her trust; I am the puppy dog and she is the cool cat. She has the ability to stop me dead with blinding flashes of reason and common sense. I ignore her at my peril; it was my decision to go with this damn house and developer - she came along for the ride - never once has she said "this is your fault, dickwad" although we both know it is I who must live with the loss.

So what is this Blog all about? Well, we know that our lovely developer is still out there building and selling houses in Wellington. He is still supported by LJ Hooker, and is still charming people with his little tales. The agents are still telling lies about his past knowing full well that he has a string of failed deals behind him and poor people, who think that they are buying their dream, are about to embark on a nightmare. So I guess this Blog is for them. On the offchance that one of them Googles either Paul Hewitt, David Monro, Lombard Finance or LJ Hooker and stumbles in here. Maybe they'll think twice and save themselves the 3 years of crap that we went through.

We thought we had every base covered in our little adventure (For Wanda, if Hi-5 had a song about our mess, it would be called "Shafted" and Nathan would do his little shoulder drop thingy and wiggle his hips in a provocative way to the lyrics "they were shafted, yup shafted, spin around and do it again...." ). There ain't nothing you can do if someone is an out and out liar or crook. If the guy you are dealing with can look you in the eye and lie, you simply do not have a chance and the law will not and cannot help you. This doesn't mean you should become paranoid and suspicious of everyone, but it does mean I'll bring in Mrs R every time for her natural caution.

If I could bottle her magic I would. If I could sell it to you, the price would be $78k.


  1. Nathan would pout to let you know he feels the pain. The provocative wiggle would be to cheer you up.

    I am very pleased you have put pen to paper with your story. I'm you, trusting and presuming everyone else in this world is worried enough about karma not to piss people off. Don't worry, that developer will get his. Lets face it, his quality of life must be pretty shit being a dodgy scumbag.

  2. Hmmm, now if it were Charlie doing the wiggle, well that would cheer me up.

    The sad thing is, we are pretty sure that the developer feels hard done by. He is that rare breed that is able to always able to find someone else to blame.

    You know the sort "I would have been a contender...if I didn't have a bad back." or "If only it wasn't for those damn kids.....I would have got away with it....."!

  3. I'm good, I'm damn good ... except I replied to the previous post before reading this, *blush* - snippette of reply:
    So, for yourself, the knowledge that someone else out there avoided a similar circumstance from reading this blog would, "make it better"? And fair enough, a good cause to promote.

    So go for the Fair Go thing - publicise and advertise. More than happy to assist if you need to; links are king in Webworldland.

  4. BTW: I did Google "Paul Hewitt" and this guys website came up - - a UK architect!?!, how annoying for you and possibly him. You may want to state categorically it's not him ... assuming it's not :-)

  5. And I agree with Martha. No more house building tragedy's and more cool life in Wellington to be blogged.

  6. Good point. It is absolutely not the UK guy - I am sure he is a very nice man.

  7. We were burned by Paul Hewitt too. You might be interested to learn his house went to auction in a mortgagee sale last night.