Thursday, April 21, 2005

Fair Go.....

The house market went up (of course it did - if it had gone down I am pretty sure the Finance Co would have tried to hold us to the contract that they biffed-out) so we added a bit to make our offer what we thought of as reasonable. Remember, they would not give us a estimate and left it up to us. They simply said "market value" whatever that means. So we took off the cost of the excavation work that had gone on so far, the fact that the house frame was up and that the roof was on. We came up with $610,000 (ouch), which would wipe out all of our New Zealand savings and leave us with a large mortgage - we figured that this number combined with the lost $78,0000 that they were getting the benefit of, to be more than fair.

Surely they would be fair.
They knew how long we had waited.
They knew of our contract when they got involved in this scheme.
They knew we had paid this money to the developer.
They didn't even reply to our offer. Nadda. Not a word.
We put an expiry on our offer. It expired.

Things got nasty after that. I rang them and told them that I thought they were being greedy and that I was going to write to Fair Go. Below is what I got back.


  1. On a very small positive note, you obviously had them frightened that their dodgyness would be made public.

  2. Indeed, that's what we thought. Bully boy stuff.
    Wait until you see the next letter....

  3. So you're still considering the Fair Go option?

    personally... I probably would.

  4. I don't think this one fits the Fair Go 2 minute quick win style. Plus they only seem to show success stories and there can be no winners here.