Monday, July 11, 2005

The fabulous Google Earth gives us a flavour of what to expect. Posted by Picasa


  1. Wow! I just downloaded it. What a cool program. And free too!

    Its at:

  2. Tip for you (if you haven't found it already) - turn on the Keyhole Community flag - it gives you loads more information on places and web-links. The 3D buildings in the US are stunning too. I can't stop zooming around the world...

  3. It is good. I hope they get more detailed views of the rest of New Zealand. I would like to see Wellington to the same resolution.
    There isn't a lot of extra info on NZ unlike the US cities.

    Last year I spent 3 months in America and it has been quite nice zooming in over those areas and seeing the streets I drove on, places I've walked, where I worked etc etc.
    Lots of fun. Amazing that they are giving this away for free. A few years ago you could buy these photos at several dollars for a small area. Suitable only for people buying land and wanting to see what it looked like etc. No one would do it for fun!


  4. Agree. It will be great when Welly is covered, especially if they do the 3D thing.

    A handy tool for parents to plot the OEs of their kids too. I have also been around the virtual world and looked down on the places I've lived and things I've seen. There are some great things that I'd love to see - take a look at the Amazon River- it is truely impressive.