Thursday, July 14, 2005

Primo Coffee for everyone....

I had a terrible experience this morning. There is a new barista at the café on my way to work and he is not too accomplished yet.

As you know, I am a fair and reasonable guy and I am usually very tolerant. I'm happy to wait in the queue at the supermarket if a newbie is being trained to use the till, I'm even happy in most restaurants if it is a new waiter suffering a bout of nerves. I remember the worries of that first job and let the occasional extra few minutes off my life slide by, or the chip dropped on my lap get brushed subtlety onto the floor like it was nothing.

But damn it, this is serious stuff. This is not something you mess with. Go to Barista School and get qualified before you try to completely ruin my day or at least practise like the rising coffe baron,
Martha. Do not go near those knobs and buttons with your clumsy fingers before you are a pro. That $3.80 is precious to me and the bitter disappointment lasted the whole day up until a visit to a Mojo supplied outlet by the heroic half-pie brought me back to life and shut up my whingeing.

I read this article this morning. It basically says that many US offices are now providing gourmet coffee for employees and are seeing a lift in productivity. Sounds good to me. The only odd thing in the article is that is uses Starbucks as an example of primo coffee. Well, I guess even a turd looks good to the constipated....


  1. I have always tried suggesting at work that they might get more productivity by providing raspberry slice and cakes.


  2. Now that is how a good employer should be. A true sign that they respect their workers. Pay me in coffee and cakes....

  3. I now realise how hard it is to make a good coffee - but that said would NEVER sell a bad one. I have become such a coffee snob now that we'll be keeping our cart regardless of whether it makes us any money. Francis Francis isn't cutting it at all any more - poor wee critter.

  4. Once you've tasted paradise it is hard to go back...Is it easy to fire up the cart for just one cup? Poor little Francis relegated to the cupboard, behind the breadmaker....
    I walked right on past the cafe today in a show of anger and now I am suffering the DTs...only 90mins until I get to go to Rise for lunch and probably the best coffee in Welly.

  5. (a) I am gathering the little push and wait machine in the lunch room doesnt make the 'sublime coffee' status...!?
    (b) Why not just provide Red Bull or V to the workers (the rise of the non-coffee drinkers!!)

  6. One word Sam-Boy: Budget.
    If I sell your desk and chair I might be able to get my hands on a second had Francis Francis....

    Oh, and I meant Finc not was so good I had two and now I'm wired.

  7. No, we can't really just spark up the machine. It takes about 20 minutes to warm up, and then you need to prime it with a couple of coffees (which you chuck). This little routine was okay while we were going through the free coffee from the supplier, but now we have to pay it is possibly a bit more of a luxury. I reckon if we get Francis a good service and use our snazzy new grinder we should be able to kind of make decent ones in our kitchen again. The problem is I like milk, and the big machine is fantastic at the milk bizzo.

    Where is the best coffee cafe? We'd better go and scope it out this weekend...

  8. There's nothing worse than when that first special cup of the day is flop. As you say the disppointment lasts all day. I'm sure people are dispatched from this earth for less...

  9. martha: 20 minutes isn't so long if it results in bliss! Try out Finc in Wakefield Street - bit of a walk from the centre but is on the way to Courtney Place where there is so much going on these days.

    brena: Agree. Don't mess with the java, pal.