Sunday, July 17, 2005

If music be the food of love...

Music used to be very important to me personally. It still is important but with two small children, our car journeys consist of either Barney or other such delights and that is where I used to do most of my listening.

I was a late 80's teenager but was heavily influenced by my older brother hence my early drift into the Indie music scene and such great bands as Wonderstuff, Inspiral Carpets and some of the more commercial, Tears for Fears, EMF, The Farm to name but a few.

Well, I had a conversation with
alan a few months back and he mentioned an album "Ruby Trax" where some old number ones were covered by such great bands as The Farm, EMF and all my fav groups. Weird - maybe I had my head in a hole but I must have missed this baby coming out and I've had a copy of the best tracks sitting on my desk for a few months.

Both little R's have been ill this last week and so slept most of yesterday giving me some time to do things for myself, in between delivering treats and stuff to them. So I finally got around to listening to the tracks and Whamo, a step back in time.

What a priceless collection - you haven't lived until you've heard Vic Reeves doing Vienna. Other gems include The Mission with Atomic, Johnny Marr & Billy Duffy with The Good, the Bad and The Ugly and a favourite group of mine, Tears for Fears with Ashes to Ashes.

Tainted Love by Inspiral Carpets is a great mix, with fuzzy guitars and genius drums and is only topped by the synth pop of The Farm and Don't You Want Me Baby and the surreal Marc Almond and Like A Prayer....freaky.

Best track? Hard to choose as they all carry it off in their own way...even EMF with Shaddup You Face. If pushed I'd vote for Ride and The Model as I remember trying to play this on a little Casio VL-Tone, my first (and last) keyboard. I have the original 12" and this version captures the original but with something else...

I found this great web site where the history of music is mapped out with demos and great explanations. Try House/Synthpop if you want some late 80's early 90's energy - I spent a lot of time bouncing around in here - pretty impressive and well worth a visit.


  1. My "favourite" is the Fatima Mansions doing that execrable Bryan Adams song.

    I like playing it to people, waiting for that moment (usually a couple minutes in) when the full horror of what they are listening to hits them...

  2. How fantastic! In 1992 my diet consisted almost solely of those very artists (plus New Zealand music of course).

    How long before we get to have retro themed 90s parties?

    I was really hoping that the Bryan Adams song was going to be summer of 69. Now there is a rock anthem *splutter*.

  3. Some music is best left behind, me thinks. I must confess to owning some odd choices, A-Ha, Tiffany and the like.....hey I was young and experimenting....nobody warned me of the consequences

  4. Cringe to think I was a big hair-metal fan. Double cringe to think I still like some of it...

  5. I know what you mean, I still feel a bit funny about having bought Bros.

    And Brena, you're lucky - big hair metal has kept its cred quite nicely. Look at John Bon, and Steve Tyler -still cool. And lets not get started on G'n'f'n'R