Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Superextenderbulbchangerer

I've never been very good at DIY. I try hard and muddle through but the results are mixed.
But today I am so proud. Call me King of the Bulb changers if you will.

I was faced with a problem similar to the immovable mountain.
A real high ceiling with a spotlight bulb in the middle that had blown. Now I have a ladder (what self respecting DIYer doesn't) but when put against the wall, there is the small issue of about 2 meters of void between the wall and the bulb. I toyed with the idea of Mrs R holding it upright whilst I climbed but she wasn't too keen on that, so what to do?

And then along came a genius (thanks
Brena) who suggested a pole with a suction cup. Well, it took me some time to get up the courage to make such a complex device but the satisfaction of building a supercomputer is nothing next to my smug smile as I pulled it off. Take one shower pole (the extending type), one No2 Pencil, one sucker (stolen from an angry daughters window toy) and some sticky tape. Put it all together and you have the Superextenderbulbchangerer.

This device can be rented at a modest fee!


  1. It lives! Well done (and you're most welcome) Actually about those millions, if you end up with a few spare I have room in my bank account ;-)

  2. I find myself changing bulbs that haven't blown....I'm out of control....What have I done...I'VE CREATED A MONSTER....AHHHHHHHH

  3. Gosh Mr R you'll have earned your toolbelt in no time...