Monday, July 11, 2005

Sleigh bells ring are you listening....

Being from the UK, snow for me means Christmas. For Mrs R, Christmas is a beach in Nelson and BBQs but she still sends Chrimbo cards with snow on them... never quite worked that one out....

Anyway, we are off to the snow. We have booked a little getaway in a lodge near Ohakune and the little R's are very excited as they will see their first ever snow. To them it will be a proper winter experience. To me it will bring back memories of snow drifts and traffic chaos when the first flake used to hit our little village. The trains would grind to a halt and school would be closed. I would walk down Sheepscoat Lane in our village as there was a big hill at the end and guaranteed drifts. My friends and I would build snowmen, snow houses, sled on cardboard boxes, have great fun and then go home cold and hungry. I only experienced this from my teens (having grown up somewhere hot up to then) so had to pretend it didn't interest me after a few years. No cool teenager made snowmen so I might have missed out a bit here.

Having kids allows me to indulge so I shall be going nuts in the snow. I am looking forward to the girls reactions and will pull out that trusted "never eat yellow snow" line, that made me laugh as a kid, and then struggle to explain it. A couple of good snow ball fights and then to dinner with a roaring fire.

It is nice to have a holiday planned. The drive there might be hard work so we shall print a pile of pictures to colour from and we have our trusted Bad Jelly the Witch CD ready.


  1. I'm not sure if your girls would be too old, but we found one of those magnadoodle thingies pretty indispensable while travelling.

    Have a great time. Mmm, mulled wine, hot fires. Lovely.

  2. Good idea. We do have one and I hadn't even thought to take it, tar. Counting down the days...

  3. Aww hope you guys have a cool time there! I haven't yet seen snow, Dad was meaning to take me to Queenstown for that exact reason, but that hasn't yet happened.

    If you don't mind me asking, how old are your children?

  4. Hi Pinky, hope you had a great birthday.

    My beasties are Ms R, 4yrs in September and Little Ms R, 2yrs (2 wks ago). Both sooo excited about the snow thing. We have new gloves and scarfs at the ready.

  5. Completely off topic - but did you see Fair Go? LJ Hooker compensated some done over house buyers. You should keep at the bastards.

  6. Didn't see it. Better track down a copy on video. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Had an awesome b-day :-)

    Man confusing names for your kids! Wow, I thought your children were both way older than that. Lol thuoght at least one was in their early teens, guess I was wrong.

  8. Glad your 18th was memorable, Pink One.

    I should mention that although Little Ms R is onlt two, she is going on 22. A very sophisticated little girl with a sense of mischief borrowed from a cat. She is an old spirit that one.