Monday, September 19, 2005

Little Breeze

I don't mind a wee breeze but I am having trouble writing this as my screen is rocking backwards and forwards as our house is battered by the light wind we have tonight. I am going to puke as I am feeling travel sick sitting here at my desk. I guess it would look like a really cool psychedelic screen saver.....

At least it's not snowing.


  1. Alcohol is very good for motion sickness.

    Amongst other things.

  2. [vodka in hand] You are right Martha, I feel better already. I have synchronised my wobbling to that of the house....

    Alan, I hear they are predicting snow on the hills around Welly tonight. Might have to stay at home tomorrow....

  3. Gosh you Wellingtonians are a hardy bunch! Just a breeze, a spot of snow? I'm one step away from entering cryogenic hibernation. Perhaps I should begin drinking - alcohol is after all a good anti-freeze...

  4. I'm feeling very brave now I'm at home, with the heat pumps on and one fire lit. Walking to my car after work was kinda scary and I wimpered like the soft Pom I am.

  5. What part of Wellington are you in?
    It doesn't seem too bad in Khandallah. Just a cold night like many others.


  6. Hi Ben,
    We're also in Khandallah but on the hills flat on to the wind. It is the gusts....we watched the late ferry coming in and all looked well until it tried to dock....vom city I expect.

  7. I hate having weather like this, I mean, for goodness sake it's meant to be spring!!
    I wouldn't be surprised if we end up getting a not so good summer this year.

  8. The snow rocked - day off school (sorry, work), snowballs and snowmen (and all the associated jokes).
    Loved it.

  9. Nice. I do miss not being able to make a snowman in my garden....but I don't miss trudging to work in the slush the next day.