Monday, September 12, 2005

Short is bad.

My weekly dose of Dead Guy never fails to cheer me up. Bit like Dilbert which hits home every time.

Life is always better when it's sunny or you're smiling. When it's sunny and you're smiling, well that is just fabulous. When it's sunny, you're smiling and it's the weekend, don't get much better than that.....oh, unless you've got a beer in your hand, or a lottery ticket for $15m. Damn, now I'm depressed as it wasn't me. Back to Dilbert.


  1. Hey it wasn't me either. I had already spent most of the money in my head too. I guess next time I should buy a ticket.

  2. Wasn't me either. And we bought two...

    Still, chin-up: sunshine, smiles, beer. It's all good.