Monday, September 26, 2005

Apocalypse Now

The Calm before the Storm
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It was 1:55pm and all was calm. This is a picture of the play room before the arrival of 11 girls and 1 boy. I could not post the after shot as it is not for the weak stomached and will induce palpitations to those of a weaker disposition.

Through the window you can see the Fairy Castle that became a stronghold and on the floor is the infamous pink dolls house which now has pride of place.

The magician was brilliant and highly recommended (Nigel Kennedy in Wellington). He kept the kids enthralled for 35 minutes and everyone got a balloon animal to take home and a pat of the big fluffy (drugged?) bunny rabbit.

The only moment of fear was the Pinata. I was a bit nervous of whether the kids would feel OK bashing a pink fairy with a big stick. My fears were unfounded as the poor thing got a pasting. She was of stern stuff and was only mildly dented after a few rounds. On to the Mums and Dads then. Through a well aimed blow, she was decapitated by a yummy mummy and all that remained hanging in the wind was a battered head, with no body. We left the head hanging as a warning to all other fairies.....


  1. Wow beautiful party setup! So sweet! Can I have a party at your house for my birthday? Go oooonnnnn pleeasssssse...

  2. Aww how very nice and pretty. Haha for a sec, I thought those balloons were just hanging in mid-air!! :-O
    Aww cute lil party hats! - That's one big room you have.

  3. I'd like to book for 16 December. There will be 50 drunk 30 somethings. I'd like one of those pinatas shaped like a donkey.


  4. Brena: Of course you can. Nemo or Barbie plates? [subtle hint - lots of Nemo plates left....]

    Pinky: 'tis my favourite room when the sun is shining and least favourite in a southerly when the walls shake!

    Martha: Booked in. Deposit can be paid in beans, ground and mixed with hot water and donkeys though - will a pig do? And what is the occasion? Just need to know for the band...

  5. My 33rd, but as it is so near christmas, make it a mariachi band, and they can play Felic Navida.

    Cheers. When would you like delivery of the beans etc??

  6. A special day indeed then.
    Bring beans when you come. Might be a good idea to wrap them in a metal container, on wheels, goes by the name of Bino, Bambino...