Sunday, September 11, 2005

Oh the stress...

Planning a birthday party for a four-year-old-to-be takes some serious organisation. I am sure when I was four I just turned up and there was a cake, presents, guests and entertainment. I'm pretty sure I wasn't consulted. I'm certain I didn't have a list of toys stuck to the fridge.

Yet here we are, consulting and bartering with Ms R on the order of play for her big day. The invitation list was restricted to 10 of which there is only 1 boy (poor fella might feel a bit confused for this Fairy Princess themed party) and the menu (can you believe it?) sorted.

We spent some time in the $2 Shop finding things for the goodie bags...GOODIE BAGS? We used to get a lollypop and be happy.....Careful consideration between pink plastic things or some other pink plastic thing.....took some time, such important choices.

Only 2 weeks to go and there is so much to do. Decorations to put up, cake to make (design negotiations were fraught with tension....the strong will of Ms R and the limited skills of us mere parents), presents to buy, garden to do, and on and on.....

The entertainment will be provided by Nigel Kennedy the Magician who is flavour of the month since handing over a balloon animal some months back....a trick learnt from drug dealers I believe, first hit free.....We saw him on the InterIslander last year and he kept about 40 kids quietish for most of the trip - quite an achievement really.

So wish us luck. The planning phase is almost over and soon we will be into the delicate execution phase. Mrs R and I fear for our jobs as we're sure to be fired if we screw this up. We understand that Ms R has put Little Ms R on a retainer so even our safe vote has been turned......


  1. Have you decided what activites they'll do at the party?

    You've sorted the menu and there's two weeks to go? Wow - one less thing to do. Well done!

    Of course it's very important to decide what pink things will go into the goodie bags, does the one boy coming like the colour pink?

    What type of cake are you going to have? Any particular shape/ picture on it?

    Aww i'm sure it will be a great party....Wish I had that much of a great party when I was little. The last time I had a birthday party (literally) was when I was 5 years old. I'm now 18....

  2. We've got a 5th to do in a couple of weeks!


  3. Hi Pinky: Party games are the old classics, pass the parcel, treasure hunt and, we have a Fairy Pinata (damn that Dora the Explorer - I have two kids that can count to 5 in Spanish...). Cake is pink ballet shoes - it is very sad that you haven't had a party for years. Suggest you start planning a riot now for your 21st!

    Hi Ben: Boy or girl flavour? I expect boy parties require more room and noise....

  4. Suggest you start planning a riot now for your 21st!

    That's if i'm even going to have a 21st party!!

    Sounds like a very cool party.

  5. You absolutely MUST have a 21st. Trust me. I still remember mine (bit hazy through alcohal consumption) and it is useful as a yard stick for getting measuring how old and slow you are getting......"when I was 21 I could..." and so on....

  6. LOL my mum asked "for your 21st do you want a party or a present" I got an arc welder. True...

  7. Lol - Well i'm just use to not having parties, I mean I haven't had one since I was 5 years old, so why start now?

  8. Man alive, I'm glad those days of party planning are past! I now just have fun running after my grandson - soon to be 4 also. His mother gets to plan all the nerve-jangling stuff - by the way, your picture post of the party looks really fun. The cake was out of this world - where did Mrs. R find time to bake such a fabulous creation while dealing with a soon-to-be-4-year old?