Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Unique Experience

My mother arrived from the UK last Sunday. Not two ways this time. When I say "arrived" I mean for good. She is here, has a visa, and ain't goin' back. The order of events is as follows:

1. Move in with son and daughter-in-law
2. Create havoc
3. Open a Bank Account
4. Buy a car
5. Buy a house
6. Move into new house
7. Baby sit for free forever

I am planning to get to at least number 6 by the end of October.

We have got to number 4 already after a visit to Enterprise Motors in Porirua today. I have been to a few car yards around Wellington in the last 3 years (I think this is a male pastime on a par with visits to Mitre 10 at 4:30pm on a Sunday) and have been universally unimpressed by the lack of any sales ability whatsoever and a general unfriendliness; a sort of "I'm far to busy to even be talking to you, I've got cars to clean and ashtrays to hoover. If you want a car, open your eyes and look around but stay outta my way 'cause I AM BUSY".

But today. Amazing. We were approached by a very pleasant young guy. I felt sorry for him as my mother is not easy to please ([echo on] Understatement of the year [echo off]) yet he offered help, sized up the request and then very efficiently steered her towards the back of the lot to one smart little dark blue Peugeot 306 XSi. Bit old but low (certified) mileage and a nice little 2.0l engine with ABS, aircon and electric windows. Test drove OK and a deal was done.

He was polite, never pushy, informative and humorous. He's been in the job 3 weeks and this was his 3rd sale. I hope to God that he recognises the value of being himself and never becomes a stereotype car salesman, out to fleece the masses......We'll be back to buy another car one day, and we'll search him out.


  1. Nice shopping! You are a very brave man taking your mum car hunting but then whatever it takes to get to [echo on] number 7 [echo off]. I love the echo gadget. I have to get one for my website...

  2. When did 2L become a little engine??
    I guess that is since the SUV monsters where anything under 8L of gas guzzling is considered feeble!


  3. I had to laugh at my mum once. She had just bought a new car and was telling how she needed at least a 2 litre so she had any chance of overtaking those blasted cattle trucks because they always hold her back at 110kph. Eeek lookout...

  4. brena: Brave or desperate. I'll do whatever it takes to get her out of my back seat......

    ben: Good point, my first car was a 900cc Opel so I guess my benchmark has moved over the years! I believe that the Japanese now put turbos and intercoolers on a 900cc engine to generate in excess of 150bhp. Scary.

  5. I think you're very brave dealing with carsalesmen. I have bought our last few cars through Turners - I can't handle talking to anyone! Plus I love auctions, so it suits me well.

    We downsized recently from a 2.5l to a 2 l, and it doesn't seem to make any difference in terms of fuel economy. But then, prices have moved, so it is a bit hard to judge.

  6. Thought about Turners but was too chicken!
    You're right about petrol. My car took $85 to fill last week and it was only $65 not that long ago. Still beats the UK though...

  7. Really? That is nice to hear. Although people seem to earn more money in the UK... swings and roundabouts and all that...

  8. Might earn more but have to spend it quicker. Costa Coffee is $4 a cup in Central London - that's $10 here. Don't know about you but that would break my heart in Welly.

  9. Jeez at $10 a cup that $5000 machine sounds quite attractive. Maybe Bambino Coffee Co should start a London branch...