Saturday, October 29, 2005

Fresh Veggies

October 2005 022
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Having never grown anything in my life, I decided this year to get back to nature and plant a veggy garden. By the time we moved into this house, this area was a jungle and after many many hours of digging and pulling, I planted beans, broccoli, spinach, lettuce and potatoes. I also planted carrots but they have vanished - I think I may have planted the seeds a bit deep - maybe they'll come up next year!

I have rebelled against the organic style of growing and have used every chemical known to man to eradicate every creepy crawly for 3 miles. They hear me open the shed and scamper away before I napalm the area. Get your little teeth away from my broccoli, squirt.....

Ms R was with me when I bought the slug pellets.

"What are they for Daddy?"

Wanting to shield her from the whole death conversation thing I said "it's food for the slugs so they won't eat our veggies."

"Will they die?" she said looking horrified.

"Errrr, yes" caught out.

"Good" looking happy.

At least she likes spiders or Baby Charlottes as she calls them. Slugs and snails are fair game though and rightly so!


  1. I am very impressed. Very. It looks lovely.

    So far this summer I have killed my tomato, basil and parsley seedlings. I'm told radishes are foolproof, so I'm out to prove them wrong. I have also planted beetroot.

    My garden is about 1 x 6 foot, and if you know of a good chemical that will kill cats before they crap in it, I'm all ears.

    I killed a whole lot of snails with bait, and Finn asked about them. I told him they were having a nap. My mother piped up that people in France eat snails. Finn eyed them with interest.

    Actually I'm going to cut and paste this comment into my blog. I'm low on inspiration.

  2. I'm impressed too. So far my vege garden this year has been all talk no action.

    Martha: we've been using cayenne sprinkled over the top - it doesn't work 100% but the thought of cats with burning ringpieces gives great satisfaction.

  3. martha: Thanks! Best chemical for cats is H2O, stored in a high pressure container with a trigger b(bought from the Warehouse and supposedly for the kids!) You only need to catch them a few times - a high speed water jet up the bum has an amusing effect...

    alan:I shall be overweight potatoes in a few weeks (I hope) so will share the love with some free samples! Like the cayenne idea - I might get some strange Google hits for the phrase "burning ringpieces" though....ouch.

  4. How long have you been living in that house for?
    Very cool garden. - Though I can never see myself having a garden. Why plant veges when you can buy them?
    I am going to have no garden when i'm older! You'll find no trees or flowers at my place!

  5. Hi Reshma,

    We moved in in February of this year and the veggy garden was beautiful then. Sadly we left it alone all year whilst we were doing other "stuff" around the place and it turned into jungle until a few months back when I got at one with Mother Nature.....I'll turn your statement around too and ask why buy veggies when you can grow them!

  6. My Grandpa was a corka gardener and so is my Mum but sadly I missed out on the urge more more so than the talent of green fingers. I'm pretty sure I can grow things well as I once grew supreme skunk pot by the cupboard full LOL...

  7. Excellent! And you have also given Reshma a reason to have a garden when she is older (not that I condone such behaviour....look at the, giant bunnies....hmmmm, munchie time. Fancy some KFC?)

  8. I tried broccolli once & found it invited every white butterfly inthe southern hemisphere, so gave up.

    tomatoes are easier. So are lettuces.