Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Every now and again I read a story that makes me very sad for the human race. Today I read about the terrible practise of raising bears in China with the sole purpose of extracting their bile. Eh? What the Fu....

Well, what they do is breed bears and then surgically implant a catheter in the bear's gall bladder or actually cut a hole in the bears abdomen through which the bile drips. They then collect this and use it in "traditional" medicines which are supposed to cure fevers, liver illness and sore eyes. There are supposedly more than 200 farms across China with about 7,000 bears .

The bright aspect to the story was that this week, some of the bears got their own back when a keeper was cleaning their cage. As he turned his back, six of the proud beasties decided to have a Chinese Takeaway and try out some fast food. Sadly for the fella, he wasn't quite fast enough as he was killed and then eaten. My only concern is for the future of the bears and my reaction to the keepers death is simply "Good". Full story


  1. Whenever I think about human behaviour I don't feel so hot but then I remember most are not bad and that the bad stuff makes way more noise than the good stuff of which a lot goes on quietly and there's a point in there somewhere...

  2. You are right.People focus on disasters but there are plenty of days of pure sunshine and harmony. Sadly happiness doesn't sell newspapers!

  3. karma karma karma karma Chameleon,
    you come and blow,
    you come and blowwwwwooowww.
    Loving would be easy
    if the colours were like my dreams
    Red, gold and green
    Red, gold and green

    Must have been a bad trip that one.